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Posted at 11:53 AM ET, 07/11/2011

If Caylee Anthony had been black

Here’s a quiz: Which names do you recognize? Aja. N’Kiah. Tatianna. Brittany. Caylee.

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Posted at 03:12 PM ET, 02/11/2011

This would be the blog post headline.

Don’t actually post this. This is only a test.

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Posted at 09:12 AM ET, 06/15/2010

Woman's captor wanted her baby

On Dec. 2, Teka Adams, homeless in the District and nine months pregnant, climbed into a woman's car. Adams believed the woman was taking her to a storage facility in Maryland to pick up donated baby items. Instead, the woman...

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Posted at 10:18 AM ET, 03/23/2010

As oyster war heats up, Maryland cracks down on poachers

In the past few months, police and poachers have played hide-and-seek in a tense drama that seems out of place along the new Chesapeake, with its art galleries and weekend homes. The Post's David Farenthold took a look at the...

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Posted at 11:21 AM ET, 03/16/2010

Meet 'The Gang Whisperer'

In her column today, Post Metro columnist Petula Dvorak introduced readers to Thandor Miller, the gang whisperer.

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Posted at 08:49 AM ET, 02/01/2010

Another look at Prince George's Community College police academy troubles

Accreditation is not much of a grabber word but it caught the interest of some readers who, after seeing a story Tuesday about ongoing problems at the police academy operated by Prince George's Community College, followed up with The Post...

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Posted at 08:41 AM ET, 01/21/2010

Woman fought for justice after daughter's murder

The second part of Neely Tucker's two-part series about Carol Smith, the mother who lost her daughter Erika in a 2002 murder, ran today in The Post....

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Posted at 08:37 AM ET, 01/21/2010

Crowding at D.C. youth detention center draws criticism

The District's youth detention center in Northeast Washington, which is supposed to house no more than 88 juveniles, has had to cram as many as 156 into the facility in recent months, according to a report from The Post's Henri...

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Posted at 01:35 PM ET, 01/20/2010

Crime novelist, 'Spenser' creator Robert Parker dies

Fans of crime fiction may want to read The Post's obituary of author Robert B. Parker, creator of the Spenser series, who died earlier this month at 77.

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Posted at 11:14 AM ET, 01/20/2010

After a girl's murder, justice follows despair

The Post's Neely Tucker has a story today about Carol Smith, mother of a 9-year-old girl who was killed in 2002. It's the first of two parts.

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Posted at 12:32 PM ET, 01/13/2010

Editorial: Post on crime in D.C.

In an editorial today, The Post discusses falling crime rates in The District in 2009 -- and then tackles perhaps the most pressing question: How to handle crime in the city's most violent areas?...

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Posted at 01:31 PM ET, 01/11/2010

Man killed in robbery had life sentence; What happened?

Some readers of today's story about a botched street robbery allegedly involving D.C. police Officer Reginald Jones have e-mailed to ask why one of the robbers, Arvel Alston, was out of prison despite having been sentenced to 25 years in...

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Posted at 02:38 PM ET, 12/01/2009

Chatter: Salahis 'should be prosecuted'

Ronald Kessler, chief Washington correspondent for and author of In the President's Secret Service: Behind the Scenes with Agents in the Line of Fire and the Presidents They Protect, took questions from Washington Post readers today in a live...

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Posted at 09:15 AM ET, 11/25/2009

Family sees pattern of clues in woman's disappearance

The second of two parts in Paul Duggan's excellent series about Pam Butler, the missing D.C. woman, can be read today: Romance is for younger folks, Thelma Butler said. Until she noticed a cluster of heart-shaped red balloons on sale...

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 11/24/2009

Student convicted of murder starts his life anew

Students arrive on college campuses with all kinds of life stories. Mario Rocha's, however, is uncommon, as Daniel De Vise reports: Mario Rocha's first, spartan dorm room at George Washington University felt a little like solitary confinement. He should know....

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Posted at 01:07 PM ET, 11/23/2009

Cafritz will rebuild art collection after fire

The Post's Reliable Source blog has an interview with Peggy Cooper Cafritz, who earlier this year lost her historic D.C. mansion in a fire -- and whose Georgetown rental apartment was recently hit by another one. It was an unwelcome...

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Posted at 09:42 AM ET, 11/19/2009

Standing by his men

Will the Prince George's County sherriff whose men were involved in a controversial 2008 drug raid have to contend with political fallout from it during his run for county executive? Post columnist Robert McCartney shared his thoughts today.

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