Crime Scene: Howard

Posted at 04:24 PM ET, 01/09/2012

Columbia woman is charged with abusing son months before boy’s slaying

A Columbia woman was indicted and arrested on information stemming from her son’s homicide investigation, which continues.

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Posted at 05:23 PM ET, 12/22/2011

Video: Package thief caught on video in Ellicott City

Police are asking residents to review their holiday purchases.

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Posted at 02:25 PM ET, 11/26/2011

2 dead in Friday night Howard Co. crash

Two passengers were pronounced dead at the scene; the driver survived.

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Posted at 07:46 AM ET, 11/02/2011

Life without parole for man in fatal stabbing of ex-wife, arson

Damon White’s sentence was handed down Tuesday by a Howard County judge.

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Posted at 03:18 PM ET, 10/26/2011

Howard University student killed in Mount Rainier

Music major at D.C. college shot multiple times in incident off-campus; police have no suspects

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Posted at 01:13 PM ET, 10/06/2011

Missing Md. baby found unharmed in Suitland

Howard County police had been searching for a 16-month-old girl they said was abducted by her mother’s friend late Wednesday night.

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Posted at 07:37 AM ET, 10/06/2011

Defendant’s illness postpones trial in Md. slaying

The trial for a man accused of killing a fellow patient at a state mental hospital has been postponed until February after the defendant became ill.

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Posted at 10:24 AM ET, 09/22/2011

Howard County woman charged after fake explosive device found

A woman Howard County police have charged with robbery told them she had a “hoax explosive device” in her car that might have been intended for use during a crime, authorities said.

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Posted at 07:34 AM ET, 09/16/2011

Man charged in twin brother’s 2007 death in Howard County

23-year-old Wael Ali is charged with the slaying of his twin brother in Columbia in 2007, Howard County police announced.

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Posted at 06:49 AM ET, 09/14/2011

Police investigate stabbing death in Columbia

A man who was fatally stabbed in a Howard County parking lot Tuesday afternoon managed to set off a car alarm — alerting a neighbor to his condition — before collapsing on the ground, police said.

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Posted at 05:45 AM ET, 09/13/2011

Unidentified woman shot in Columbia

Police are working to identify the woman, who was found critically injured Monday night.

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Posted at 11:10 AM ET, 08/23/2011

Police recover, return Art Donovan’s stolen 1958 championship ring

A world championship ring given to former Baltimore Colts defensive lineman Art Donovan was returned to him more than 30 years after it was stolen while he was in Japan, police said Tuesday.

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Posted at 07:52 AM ET, 08/10/2011

12 arrested in prostitution sting in Laurel

Twelve men were arrested in a prostitution sting on Route 1 in Laurel, part of an ongoing effort to crackdown on the sex trade on the busy strip, Howard County police said.

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Posted at 11:54 AM ET, 07/29/2011

Howard County police probe two homicides

Police are investigating unrelated killings involving a stabbed teen and a child who died under suspicious circumstances.

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Posted at 11:52 AM ET, 07/08/2011

Attempted murder, arson charges for 2 Md. men

Two Maryland men have been charged with attempted murder and arson in a February fire that forced 11 people from their homes.

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Posted at 07:09 AM ET, 06/23/2011

Howard County officer injured in crash

Howard County police are investigating a two-vehicle crash in Columbia that has injured a county officer.

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Posted at 08:39 AM ET, 06/10/2011

Priest accused of sex abuse in Md.

A priest who once worked at Loyola University Maryland has been removed from his ministry duties in Pennsylvania after allegations of inappropriate sexual contact with two minors surfaced.

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Posted at 11:19 AM ET, 06/07/2011

Video of Md. bar attack, purse theft released

Howard County police are trying to identify a woman who attacked a customer at a Columbia bar last week, throwing her to the ground, punching her and walking off with her purse.

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Posted at 08:11 AM ET, 04/13/2011

Howard Co. judge to retire in November

A Howard County judge says she will retire from the bench after her 15-year term ends in November.

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Posted at 11:02 AM ET, 04/12/2011

Driver dies in Howard County crash

A driver was killed Monday night when his BMW swerved off a road in Howard County and crashed, police said.

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Posted at 07:15 AM ET, 04/05/2011

3 arrested in $300,000 Md. jewelry heist

The men allegedly displayed a gun and made off with high-end watches at a Columbia jewelry store.

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Posted at 09:14 AM ET, 04/01/2011

3 sought in Columbia jewelry heist

Three men stole several hundred thousand dollars of jewelry Wednesday in a midday heist at the Mall in Columbia, Howard County police said

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Posted at 07:42 AM ET, 03/22/2011

Guilty plea for Md. man in 6-year-old’s rape

A 24-year-old who pleaded guilty last week to federal child pornography charges has pleaded guilty to raping a 6-year-old girl.

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Posted at 09:35 AM ET, 03/18/2011

Md. man admits abusing child

A 24-year-old Howard County man admitted in federal court that he sexually abused a young girl, broadcast live images of her over the Internet and sent sexually explicit photos of the child to at least three people online.

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Posted at 08:28 AM ET, 03/02/2011

Motorcyclist dies in Howard co. crash

A motorcyclist was killed in Howard County Tuesday afternoon when he struck the back of a pick-up truck in the parking lot of a seafood market, police said. It happened at about 2 p.m. in the 7900 block of Oceano...

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Posted at 07:36 AM ET, 12/28/2010

Armored truck worker robbed in Md.

Police in Howard County in Maryland are a looking for a suspect who robbed an armored truck employee picking up a deposit in Ellicott City. Police say a robber with a gun approached a Dunbar Armored employee at just before...

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Posted at 03:35 PM ET, 12/22/2010

Crash uncovers marijuana farm

An Ellicott City man has more than just insurance claims to worry about after a car crashed into his home earlier this month. Police say the crash revealed that 44-year-old Richard Marriott had an indoor marijuana farm....

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Posted at 07:46 AM ET, 12/09/2010

2 charged in Columbia stabbing

Howard County Police have charged two with the stabbing of a Columbia man near his home. Eighteen-year-old Damian Jones Jr. of Columbia and a 16-year-old have been charged with attempted murder and assault in the stabbing Dec. 6 of 37-year-old...

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Posted at 07:34 AM ET, 11/08/2010

Howard officer hospitalized after crash

A Howard County police officer has been hospitalized after police say a driver ran a red light and broadsided his police cruiser. The crash happened around 2 a.m. Monday in Columbia....

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Posted at 03:42 PM ET, 10/25/2010

Attempted murder charge in fire attack

Howard County police have charged a homeless man in a warrant with setting his girlfriend on fire, leaving her with severe burns. Forty-eight-year-old Richard Rodola faces charges of attempted murder, assault and arson for the attack on the woman, whose...

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Posted at 01:50 AM ET, 10/25/2010

Man arrested in burning of woman

A man accused of setting a woman on fire was arrested Saturday night by Howard County police. Police have not confirmed the identity of the man, who is believed to be homeless....

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Posted at 07:42 AM ET, 09/13/2010

2 found dead in Ellicott City

Howard County police say a man and woman have been found dead of apparent gunshot wounds in an Ellicott City home. Police say 35-year-old Clare Stoudt and 49-year-old Reginald Van Graves were not married but were believed to be living...

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Posted at 10:56 AM ET, 09/03/2010

Howard County cop hurt in crash

Three drivers, including a 23-year-old Howard County police officer, were sent to hospitals Thursday after a wreck on Route 32. Police said the officer was driving a 2005 Ford Crown Victoria police car shortly before 6 p.m. along 32, north...

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Posted at 06:48 AM ET, 09/01/2010

Back-up number after Howard 911 outage

Howard County was without 911 service for about 20 minutes Tuesday, authorities said. The county's main communications center is under construction, the county's police department said in a press release Tuesday, and power went out in the Scaggsville building that...

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Posted at 02:39 PM ET, 08/30/2010

13 charged with soliciting prostitution

Howard County's female officers and detectives went undercover in an area frequented by prostitutes, arresting 13 men who approached them and offered money for sex, Howard County Police said. Police said the undercover sting operation, now in its fifth year,...

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Posted at 02:37 PM ET, 06/28/2010

Drug arrests at Phish concerts

Aided by undercover narcotics detectives mixing with the fans of jam-band Phish, Howard County police arrested 21 concertgoers at two shows over the weekend at Merriweather Post Pavilion, 19 on drug charges, officials said. Police also seized three vehicles and...

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Posted at 03:49 PM ET, 06/18/2010

Sex assault charges for Howard student

An 18-year-old male Mount Hebron High School student is accused of assaulting two female classmates in a health room at the school, police said Friday. Trey Michael Murduck, 18, of the 9800 block of Caitlin’s Court in Ellicott City, is...

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Posted at 05:21 PM ET, 06/15/2010

Handyman charged with attempted rape

An Ellicott City man has been charged with the attempted rape of a woman who had hired him to do work in her home.

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Posted at 10:06 AM ET, 05/05/2010

Laurel man killed in Howard County crash

A Laurel man was killed Tuesday night when his sport-utility vehicle veered off the road and slammed into a tree in the Savage area of Howard County, Howard police said Wednesday.

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Posted at 11:32 AM ET, 02/11/2010

Md. man charged with stealing frontloader, clearing driveways

A Columbia man is charged with felony theft and related crimes after he allegedly stole a frontloader and used it to clear driveways, according to Howard County police. The Caterpillar loader was equipped with a LoJack device that police said...

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Posted at 01:08 PM ET, 01/21/2010

Charges against Howard man involved in man's death dropped

All charges have been dropped against an 88-year-old Howard County man who was involved in an altercation that prosecutors say led to the death of a fellow assisted-living facility resident. Circuit Judge Louis Becker III ruled Thursday that Earl Wilder,...

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Posted at 02:52 PM ET, 12/03/2009

Md. high schooler who died in crash buried

The funeral for Steven Dankos, 17, the River Hill High School football player who died in a weekend pickup truck crash, was Thursday....

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Posted at 09:11 AM ET, 12/02/2009

Mailing holiday cards? Avoid discount stamps

After a federal judge in Maryland sent a former Howard County postal clerk to prison for stealing $682,000 worth of stamps, federal authorities posted this warning: "Anyone who buys stamps at a discount should be on notice that they are...

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