Crime Scene: Police Shootings

Posted at 03:39 PM ET, 09/20/2012

Police charge suspect wounded in shootout with Prince George’s officers

The man who police said fired at two officers before they shot him on Southern Avenue Tuesday night has been charged with assaulting a police officer.

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Posted at 04:35 PM ET, 07/11/2012

Police ID officers in shootout with suspect on PCP

Prince George’s County police on Wednesday identified the officers involved in last Thursday’s shootout with a suspect apparently high on PCP.

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Posted at 04:09 PM ET, 04/10/2012

Vial, ski mask recovered from man shot by police

Authorities identified the man shot and killed during a confrontation with a Prince George’s County Police Officer Monday night as 26-year-old Michael Anthony Bailey.

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Posted at 04:08 PM ET, 03/21/2012

Mt. Rainier officer involved in shooting, sex offense sentenced to 10 years

A former Mount Rainier police officer who pleaded guilty to shooting and wounding a man who was trying to flee a sexual encounter at the officer’s home was sentenced to 10 years in prison, authorities said.

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Posted at 09:34 AM ET, 03/09/2012

D.C.-Md. shootout injures suspect and officer

Police are investigating a shootout on the border of Montgomery County and D.C. between a police officer and another man, authorities said.

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Posted at 01:16 PM ET, 02/10/2012

Culpeper woman killed by police officer was dragging officer by car

A Town of Culpeper police officer shot and killed a woman after she closed her car window on the officer’s arm and began dragging him.

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Posted at 05:46 PM ET, 02/04/2012

Pr. George’s officer fires at robbery suspect

Authorities say the robbery suspect reached for the officer’s gun Friday night in Brentwood.

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Posted at 04:17 PM ET, 12/19/2011

Pr. George’s police ID officer involved in shooting

Prince George’s County police identified the officer who fatally shot a man who threatened him with a loaded gun as Michael Owen Jr.

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Posted at 04:00 PM ET, 11/21/2011

Mount Rainier police officer pleads guilty to attempted murder, sex charges in July shooting

Mount Rainier officer Gene Gillette shot man who tried to flee after sexual encounter, prosecutors say

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Posted at 08:32 PM ET, 08/30/2011

Fairfax County officers cleared in fatal shooting

Two Fairfax County police officers have been cleared in the fatal shooting of a Centreville-area man, who approached them holding a shotgun and refused to drop the weapon, police said Tuesday.

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Posted at 06:07 PM ET, 08/29/2011

Police officer shoots robbery suspect in Temple Hills

Pr. George’s officer’s weapon accidentally discharges during altercation, striking suspect in shoulder, police said.

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Posted at 05:53 PM ET, 07/05/2011

Off-duty officer shoots suspect during attempted carjacking, authorities say

Three-year veteran of Mount Rainier police suspended with pay while police investigate off-duty shooting

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Posted at 04:33 PM ET, 05/09/2011

Prince George’s county police shoot gun-wielding man

A man who police said shot his estranged wife was wounded by a Prince George’s County police officer Sunday after he pointed a handgun at the officer, authorities said.

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Posted at 06:25 AM ET, 04/26/2011

Police: ATF agents involved in Va. shooting

Federal agents shot and wounded a drug suspect in Northern Virginia on Monday evening when he tried to run them down in his car, a law enforcement spokesman said.

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Posted at 09:01 PM ET, 03/16/2011

Officers ID’d in Saturday shooting

One was involved in University of Maryland-beating incident in March.

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