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Posted at 11:41 AM ET, 07/17/2012

Patrick Ewing on Bradley Beal: ‘I don’t really know much about him’

The NBA veteran and head coach hopeful is clearly not up on his draft pick knowledge.

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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 07/02/2012

Kevin Durant at Chi-Cha Lounge

The D.C. native and Oklahoma City star was hanging with the little people over the weekend.

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Posted at 01:31 PM ET, 06/25/2012

Terrell Stoglin’s NBA draft tweets

Former Maryland guard either has some extremely optimistic Twitter followers, or someone’s playing a joke on someone else.

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Posted at 12:18 PM ET, 06/25/2012

David Stern tells Mike Wise he’d do Jim Rome interview differently

NBA commissioner acknowledges he overreacted, but says “a guy’s allowed to have some fun.”

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Posted at 10:12 AM ET, 05/22/2012

Shaquille O’Neal responds to Michael Lee tweet on air

A brief discussion of NBA nicknames, courtesy of Shaq and Michael Lee.

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Posted at 10:11 AM ET, 02/24/2012

Stefon Diggs on Jeremy Lin

Terps top football recruit would like you to get off Jeremy Lin’s ‘egg roll and dumplings.’

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Posted at 02:36 PM ET, 02/21/2012

Jewish Jordan Tamir Goodman on Jeremy Lin

Once the focus of an ethnic-fueled basketball mania of his own, Goodman says he’s ‘just so proud’ of Jeremy Lin.

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Posted at 10:59 AM ET, 11/01/2011

Nike ad imagines Barry Farm

New ‘’Basketball Never Stops’ piece has a chain-link-fenced basketball court that might look familiar to D.C. sports fans.

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 09/06/2011

Kevin Durant’s Maryland tattoo

The P.G. County-bred superstar already had the Nats’ Curly W on his front; now he has a Maryland tattoo on his back.

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Posted at 08:12 AM ET, 08/01/2011

Kobe Bryant embarrasses Mike Wise

When a middle-aged sports columnist attempts to check one of the world’s greatest athletes on a soccer field, awesome happens.

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Posted at 07:07 AM ET, 07/21/2011

Goodman League-Drew League showdown takes another step

The Aug. 20 showdown now has a press release, a Web site, a venue (Coolidge High) and a name: Capital Punishment.

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Posted at 01:33 PM ET, 07/19/2011

Here’s Daniel Snyder shaking hands with LeBron James

The Redskins owner and the Heat star met on the sidelines before last season’s opening game. Let’s preserve the image for posterity.

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Posted at 02:51 PM ET, 07/18/2011

Kevin Durant, Michael Beasley to play for D.C. in Goodman League-Drew League game

NBA stars and streetball legends will team up in a cross-country exhibition game Aug. 20 in Washington.

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Posted at 10:39 AM ET, 06/10/2011

Bob Ley on the DeShawn-LeBron feud

Remember when Jay Z and Soulja Boy got involved in DeShawn and LeBron? Yeah, well ESPN does, too.

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Posted at 01:39 PM ET, 06/02/2011

Champions League Final beats Stanley Cup Finals in D.C. ratings

International soccer does better on TV than international hockey in the D.C. market, though both get crushed by the NBA.

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Posted at 09:37 AM ET, 06/01/2011

Gilbert Arenas returns to Twitter

And really, what better time than in the middle of a game in which Brendan Haywood and DeShawn Stevenson are losing to LeBron?

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Posted at 11:20 AM ET, 05/31/2011

Who’s worse: LeBron or Mark Cuban?

Should your average D.C. basketball fan root against the least likeable player or the least likeable owner?

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Posted at 02:02 PM ET, 05/23/2011

DeShawn Stevenson is still gesturing

Since I devoted 40 or 50 posts to Stevenson not feeling his face back in the day, I figured you want to see this.

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Posted at 12:42 PM ET, 05/23/2011

Kevin Durant’s Barry Farms shoes

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Posted at 04:46 PM ET, 05/10/2011

Greivis Vasquez on his overtime three-pointer

‘It wasn’t good enough to get the win,’ former Terp says, taking blame for the Grizzlies’ Game 4 loss.

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Posted at 02:09 PM ET, 04/01/2011

How LeBron James is like Sidney Crosby

Both men watch a lot of their favorite sport, and are thus smarter than officials.

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Posted at 10:55 AM ET, 06/16/2009

Vegas High on Caps, Not on Wiz in '10

Chatting at 11. Submit questions here. With the championship trophies distributed, it's time to see what Vegas thinks about Gilbert Arenas's knee, an uncertain Caps situation in goal, and the odds that Verizon Center will host dueling league finals next spring. Seriously, if that ever happens, just burn the arena...

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Posted at 03:48 PM ET, 04/02/2009

LeBron Doesn't Make Every Trick Shot

"Honestly, this is getting a little creepy," the estimable J.E. Skeets wrote, after LeBron's 60 Minutes shot made it three-Internet trick shot sensations in like four weeks. So while listening to Cavs Coach Mike Brown this morning, I saw LeBron triple bouncing basketballs down the length of the court, trying...

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Posted at 09:36 AM ET, 08/14/2008

USA Beats Greece, 92-69

[Live blogging the U.S.-Greece men's basketball game] Here's how you know when the Redeem Salim Teamers have clinched victory in the Olympics this time around: when Tayshaun Prince peels off the warm-ups. Today, that moment came with 6:33 left in the game. The lineup for much of the fourth quarter...

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Posted at 09:20 AM ET, 08/14/2008

USA 74-54 After Three Quarters

[Live blogging the U.S.-Greece men's basketball game] The Kareem Teamers can bring this Olympic Basketball Gymnasium to life when they're doing their fast-break twirling-dunk routine, but they can also put the gym to sleep when they're up 20 against a raggedy Greek team in the third quarter. It would not...

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Posted at 08:21 AM ET, 08/14/2008

USA 20-16 After One Quarter Against Greece

[Live blogging the U.S.-Greece men's basketball game] Well, this could be interesting. The so-called Redeem Team continues to play as if all the talk of reestablishing international dominance was mere offseason jabber. The Americans have shown no inclination to make a perimeter shot (aside from one Carmelo Anthony three-pointer), are...

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Posted at 10:36 AM ET, 08/10/2008

USA 20-16 After One Quarter

The Chinese have certainly been game, hitting three early three-pointers--including one by Yao--to send the crowd into a frenzy. A few of the arena volunteers cheered Yao's long-distance shot, only to be reprimanded by their supervisors. Apparently volunteers here are not supposed to cheer. One apologized to nearby media members....

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Posted at 10:11 AM ET, 08/10/2008

The Loudest Cheer?

By my ears, the loudest cheers were for Kobe, Yao and LeBron, in that order. The Kobe part of this list is unquestionable. He clearly is the biggest deal on that court, according to the crowd at the cleverly named Olympic Basketball Gymnasium. The Bushes are sitting with Jerry Colangelo,...

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Posted at 02:44 PM ET, 04/18/2008

Donald Brashear's NBA Contest

Wait, did something happen? Hello? Ok, in the spirit of full disclosure, my name is really Dan Steinberg, and in addition to doing a sports blog for the Washington Post, I do a sports blog for the Washington Post. (Waits to see if still employed.) Anyhow, I'm on vacation for...

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Posted at 10:03 AM ET, 07/27/2007

Gilbert and Durant in Southeast

MAJOR CX: Gilbert and Durant are scheduled to be on the same team, not playing against each other. My bad. Ok, Redskins training camp starts today. Exciting, you're thinking. Big Bog News. No. Not Big Bog News. Big Big News is what you're greeted with when you go to the...

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Posted at 03:05 PM ET, 07/12/2007

Greg Oden on Daniel Artest

Ok, the subject really should have been "Greg Oden on the girl he got freak nasty with," but that was too long. This FanHaus video of Oden discussing all manner of important topics has been widely circulated, but since a fellow blogger is asking Oden about, among other things, Gilbert's...

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Posted at 01:54 PM ET, 07/12/2007

The Lakers' New GM

I was hoping to talk to Awvee Storey last night for any number of reasons. To begin with, there was his jersey, which mistakenly read "Story" on the back. My old "Matt's News" softball jersey read "Steinburg" on the back, but I figured the NBA employed better proofreaders than a...

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Posted at 07:04 PM ET, 07/11/2007

Nick Young's Enthusiastic Parents

After the small showing by Wizards fans at Tuesday's Summer League opener, there were plenty of Wiz logos in the crowd tonight. I figured I'd take a census, but the first group I approached turned out to be Nick Young's parents and niece. As it turns out, I would have...

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Posted at 12:38 PM ET, 07/11/2007

Nik Caner-Medley Checks In

That was quite the Sports Bog Spectacular College Hoops Poll Summer League game yesterday, with reps from Va. Tech, Georgetown, GW and Maryland all on one court at the same time. Nik Caner-Medley, playing for the Kings, didn't get much of a run; his stats through two games are unremarkable....

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Posted at 11:43 AM ET, 07/11/2007

Pops Mensah-Bonsu's NBA Chances

Not that former GW star Pops Mensah-Bonsu needs my advice, but this is what I'd tell him: if you're trying to make an NBA roster, don't run full speed into the child of your potential future coach, leaving him crumpled on the floor. That's what Pops did yesterday, chasing after...

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Posted at 08:51 PM ET, 06/28/2007

Scenes From the Draft

The draft crowd at Madison Square Garden consists of five main groups: Knicks fans, often wearing Knicks jerseys without any t-shirts underneath allowing them to showcase impressive amounts of chest hair; fans of the Chinese National Team; Florida Gators fans carrying boxes of Florida Wheaties or pieces of the Final...

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Posted at 05:01 PM ET, 06/28/2007

A Mohawk Moment With Major Wingate

I have no idea what Major Wingate's draft prospects are, or whether he'll be invited to any training camps or summer league rosters or whatnot. I have no idea exactly what happened before the big man got booted from Tennessee; there was at least one failed drug test, and at...

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Posted at 01:55 PM ET, 06/28/2007

On Kevin Durant and the Bench Press

You know all those stories about how Kevin Durant couldn't bench press 185 pounds? Well, the other night, after he dramatically unveiled the cover photo of him grabbing a rebound for that EA Sports college hoops game, he noted the bulging biceps portrayed on the cover. Look at the guns....

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Posted at 11:48 AM ET, 06/28/2007

Where to Watch the Draft, and Cricket, and Other Questions

I'm getting all these things in my e-mail box that demand responses, responses I often do not have, so I throw it open to anyone with inside information. From reader CK: Any idea where a group can go to watch the NBA draft tonight (bar with sound preferred)? I assume...

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Posted at 09:52 AM ET, 06/28/2007

Joakim Noah Loves Vlade Divac

Before yesterday's media day event, WaPo NBA veteran Michael Lee made the astute observation that Joakim Noah was the most likely prospect to say something bizarre, which is why I decided I wouldn't miss a Jo word. But aside from his plaid shorts, it was sort of dull. He did...

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Posted at 04:04 PM ET, 06/27/2007

On NBA Suits and Joakim Noah

Today was pre-NBA draft media day, which involved 12 NBA prospects sitting around tables while surrounded by dozens of non-prospects, such as me, plus a few thousand members of the Chinese media. People who have done this before told me that there were violently more media persons this year, making...

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Posted at 01:01 PM ET, 06/26/2007

Chris Webber as Museum Curator

Courtesy of Mister Irrelevant comes word that today is the day for the press conference announcing The Chris Webber Collection of African American Artifacts and Documents Exhibit taking place at the Charles H. Wright Museum in Detroit. The exhibit runs from June 28-Sept. 28. No word whether Webber will be...

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Posted at 11:56 AM ET, 06/25/2007

Jeff Green to Green Room

If I'm counting correctly, The Washington Post will have at least four persons covering the NBA draft on Thursday, including a blogger who's going to New York primarily in the hopes of finding some sort of Wizards fan holding a funny sign. Anyhow, we now have the list of players...

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 06/19/2007

Adam Morrison Doesn't Read Your Blog

Adam Morrison came to D.C. this week at the request of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, speaking to a Children's Congress on Monday and then going before the U.S. Senate Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs today to request an increase in federal funding for diabetes research. His co-panelists...

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 06/06/2007

Who is Jeff Green?

The Atlanta Hawks official team blog is running a series of mini-profiles on possible Hawks draft picks, with contributions coming from various bloggers. For instance, here's one by Dan Shanoff. Who am I? (Jonathan Newton - TWP) Since a cousin of mine whom I've never met, works for the Hawks,...

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Posted at 05:59 PM ET, 05/04/2007

Style Advice for the Warriors

The Warriors are, needless to say, America's Team. Which makes Baron Davis's facial hair America's Beard, and Andris Biedrins's spiked hair America's Porcupine, and Matt Barnes's follicular brilliance America's Mohawk. And so, with Davis-obsessed teenagers no doubt slathering their faces with Rogaine and their heads with styling gel at this...

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Posted at 12:49 PM ET, 05/02/2007

Which NBA Player Are You?

I'm not even sure how I got here, but this site Rum & Monkey has this oldish NBA Personality Test, among a whole bunch of odd tests, none of which were odd enough to make me want to fill them out. Point being, it's not really an NBA personality test,...

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Posted at 03:41 PM ET, 04/19/2007

Monty Singh Harika and the Pursuit of Free Pub

Well, it's working. I wrote about this GW kid declaring for the NBA draft. It got picked up by Can't Stop The Bleeding and Golden State of Mind and Yellow Chair Sports and FanHaus. It also got picked up by mainstream media people who, like The Washington Post, probably should...

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Posted at 12:17 PM ET, 04/13/2007

GW Kid Declares for Draft

Sports Bog: So, uh, why are you entering the NBA draft? GW freshman Monty Singh Harika: "It's just kind of a thing to get publicity." Right. Well, as long as we're clear on that. Anyhow, GW freshman Monty Singh Harika, an 18-year-old, 6-foot-5, 180-pound basketball-playing fiend, has declared for the...

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Posted at 06:51 PM ET, 02/27/2007

The Heat Visit the White House

So the Miami Heat visited the White House and some sort of political event broke out. It started when Pat Riley was presenting the president with the traditional No. 1 "Bush" jersey, in this case in white. "On behalf of the Miami Heat we are honored to be here at...

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Posted at 10:54 AM ET, 02/08/2007

Restaurant Options

Since several people pointed out that the most interesting part of my too-long post on OT Magazine was the tidbit on Chris Webber's restaurant (the 44 oz. "Fab Five" burger for $29.50, the "C Webb's Game Day Chicken Sandwich" with American cheese, lettuce, ketchup and tabasco), I figured I should...

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Posted at 12:13 PM ET, 01/30/2007

Bloggers! Readers! Mike Wise Needs Your Help

WaPo columnist Mike Wise, my super talented multimedia star co-worker and possible Las Vegas all-star game weekend roommate, has requested your help. This will require you to post a comment. Do not read this if you are unwilling to post a comment. "Can you ask your readers who they believe...

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Posted at 11:29 AM ET, 01/24/2007

Raja Bell's Fave Veggie Burger, Boris Diaw's Fave Cheese

Raja Bell has been a vegetarian since 1978, which is a lot longer than I have. He doesn't eat beef, pork, chicken, turkey, seafood, any kind of shellfish, eggs, or cheese, except on pizza. He doesn't share my love of Boca's fake meat products; he's just not that interested in...

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Posted at 12:43 PM ET, 01/11/2007

Assistant GM of, um, Something

[Note: I probably wouldn't look at the assistant GM's web page if I were at work, unless your job is professional blogger.] Despite residing on the notoriously tasteless Internet, I try to avoid notorious Internet tastelessness. Like, I probably wouldn't do the sort of story that Local Poll voter Clay...

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Posted at 01:51 PM ET, 01/10/2007

A New Pre-Game Diversion

If I were an NBA player, this is what I'd do pre-game, this being shooting green laser beams out of a floating, scowling Sam Cassell head, while accompanied by other little green Sam Cassells, and attempting to blow up floating Yao Ming heads. Well, that, plus playing online poker. YAYsports!...

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Posted at 10:14 AM ET, 01/09/2007

Wiseacre Kid Takes Video Camera Into NBA Locker Rooms, Asks Silly Questions

So if you haven't heard, this kid Elie Seckbach is becoming an Internet celebrity of sorts by taking his video camera up to NBA players and asking them silly questions. The above link describes him thus: His style is unique, asking original questions other[s] never pose, dealing with much more...

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Posted at 11:01 AM ET, 10/30/2006

Dear Leader Revolutionizes Basketball

Via True Hoop, via Detroit Bad Boys, comes a story involving Kim Jong Il, which automatically qualifies it as among the day's weirdest. The story focuses on Kim's love of NBA basketball, saying the dictator is ...an avid basketball fan, experts on North Korea say, so much so that he...

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