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Posted at 10:41 AM ET, 08/22/2012

GW joins ‘You Can Play’ movement

With this video for the ‘You Can Play’ movement, GW joins some high profile schools in promising locker rooms free of discrimination.

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Posted at 09:37 AM ET, 05/31/2012

Police tackle man on field during U.S.-Brazil match

If Brazil’s 4-1 win over the U.S. men’s national team wasn’t entertaining enough, here’s a random dude getting leveled.

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Posted at 04:30 PM ET, 09/14/2011

Maryland soccer teams also have state flag cleats

It may not have landed them on CNN or the Today program, but the Terps’ highly ranked men’s and women’s soccer teams are also going state pride.

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Posted at 12:11 PM ET, 08/01/2011

Alex Morgan scores on Charles Mann

U.S. Women’s World Cup hero gets the better of the former Redskin on a soccer field.

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Posted at 02:47 PM ET, 07/12/2011

John Feinstein on why soccer is not a real sport

Blogger, author, Washington Post contributor and paid radio guest explains to a blind world why soccer doesn’t actually count as real.

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Posted at 01:39 PM ET, 06/02/2011

Champions League Final beats Stanley Cup Finals in D.C. ratings

International soccer does better on TV than international hockey in the D.C. market, though both get crushed by the NBA.

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Posted at 05:38 PM ET, 06/24/2010

The crying U.S. soccer fan

By Wednesday morning, emotional breakdowns linked to U.S. soccer team success were fairly common. But before there was a game-winner against Algeria and all those bonkers fans in bars, there was the equalizer against Slovenia. And before there were those tens of thousands of revelers on YouTube, flinging drinks...

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Posted at 01:36 PM ET, 06/24/2010

D.C. was watching the U.S. win over Algeria

I wrote earlier in the week that D.C. was ranked second out of the 56 metered U.S. markets in ESPN/ABC World Cup ratings through Sunday's games. The combined ESPN/ABC ratings in this market were a 3.5, translating to about 81,000 households, not including the Spanish-language broadcasts. That was behind only...

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Posted at 05:05 PM ET, 11/16/2006

Not Quite La Barra Brava in Terpsland, But Close-ish

(Notice how I'm trying to string D.C. United fans along for as long as possible by continuing to include their names in my post titles?) So after having spent so much time with Barra Bravas and Screaming Eagles this fall, I figured I needed to spend a night with The...

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Posted at 05:07 PM ET, 11/10/2006

More Adu News

The Post's Steven Goff reports that Fro Adu, Freddy's younger brother, has committed to George Mason. It'll be in tomorrow's paper. Fro is a senior defender at Georgetown Prep. He'll enter college next fall at the age of 16. His other finalists were ACC schools. Nice pick-up for GMU and...

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