Dr. Gridlock: Bay Bridge

Posted at 01:12 PM ET, 06/19/2012

Bay Bridge to close for crane move

Four giant cranes built in China will move beneath two Maryland bridges Wednesday afternoon.

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Posted at 10:16 AM ET, 05/31/2012

Beltway congestion, Metro delays, downtown D.C. race: the weekend and beyond for traffic, transit

Travelers should encounter good weather this weekend, but need to note several major delays ahead on the roads and rails in the D.C. area.

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Posted at 10:13 AM ET, 05/04/2012

Nationals, Capitals, Cinco de Mayo and Metro: the weekend and beyond

This is a big sports weekend in D.C. Unfortunately, it’s also a big weekend for Metro repair projects.

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Posted at 05:17 PM ET, 10/25/2011

U.S. 50/301 repair work begins

The Maryland Transportation Authority plans to repair a section of eastbound U.S. 50/301 between the toll plaza and the Bay Bridge beginning Tuesday night with paving work.

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Posted at 03:25 PM ET, 08/22/2011

Md. extends hours at Bay Bridge service center

The Maryland Transportation Authority plans to conduct a trial period of extended hours at its Bay-Bridge Stop-In Center from Aug. 29 through Oct. 1.

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Posted at 04:46 PM ET, 06/17/2011

Motorcycle ride expected to cause Bay Bridge delays

The Maryland Transportation Authority warns that the Bay Bridge may be severely congested Saturday due to the Anne Arundel County Burn Foundation Benefit Motorcycle Ride.

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Posted at 11:35 AM ET, 05/06/2011

The weekend and beyond

There’s a chance of a shower on Mother’s Day, the Capital Weather Gang says, but travelers should find the going relatively easy this weekend. The Virginia Gold Cup races are Saturday at Great Meadow, The Plains. For transportation buffs, Saturday is Space Day at the National Air and Space Museum on the Mall, and a little north at Union Station, it’s National Train Day.

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Posted at 01:51 PM ET, 05/05/2011

Making it for Mother’s Day

When it comes to putting a lot of people on the roads in a short period of time, nothing beats Thanksgiving Day weekend, but the Mother’s Day weekend is often a strong runner-up.

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Posted at 02:35 PM ET, 04/18/2011

Delays on eastbound Bay Bridge

There are serious delays on the eastbound span of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge following the rescue of two men from the waters below in separate incidents..

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Posted at 07:27 AM ET, 11/24/2010

Bay Bridge delays likely

The Maryland Transportation Authority expects 460,000 vehicles to cross the Bay Bridge during the Thanksgiving holiday period, with Wednesday as the busiest day. Here are the times that are expected to be off-peak: -- Wednesday: Before noon and after 7...

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