The Federal Eye: Confirmation Hearings

Posted at 04:46 PM ET, 02/17/2012

Harry Reid: Obama should issue recess appointments if Senate confirmation logjam persists

Senate majority leader says he may tell Obama to issue recess appointments if a stalemate doesn’t break soon.

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Posted at 10:35 AM ET, 02/01/2012

Obama’s recess appointments will create uncertainty, GOP critics say

Several GOP witnesses slated to appear before Rep. Darrell Issa’s House committee today think so.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 06/09/2011

Suggested questions for Leon Panetta

What would you ask President Obama’s nominee to serve as the new defense secretary?

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Posted at 09:38 AM ET, 06/08/2011

GAO report examines alleged assaults at VA facilities

The Government Accountability Office reported Wednesday that there have been nearly 300 alleged cases of sexual assaults at Veterans Administration facilities over a three-year period.

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Posted at 05:20 PM ET, 03/30/2011

Bill would trim list of Senate-confirmed jobs

Hundreds of assistant secretaries would no longer have to endure confirmation hearings.

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