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Posted at 06:45 AM ET, 10/18/2012

How would Obama, Romney handle feds?

President Obama and Romney on the federal workforce

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Posted at 09:30 AM ET, 02/27/2012

In op-ed, federal worker says, ‘I’m fed up’

A career Foreign Service officer uses a Washington Post op-ed to express what he thinks are the opinions of many of his rank-and-file colleagues.

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 02/03/2012

Union leader blasts CBO federal pay study

Federal employees do not “get rich off their pensions,” she says.

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Posted at 11:23 AM ET, 01/03/2012

Special counsel Carolyn Lerner shaking things up

Carolyn Lerner, new head of the Office of Special Counsel, is shaking things up at her tiny, obscure investigative office.

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Posted at 09:16 AM ET, 12/12/2011

Stimulus watchdog Earl Devaney tried to stay out of politics

What Earl Devaney thinks went well and not so well as he oversaw the economic stimulus program.

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Posted at 09:45 PM ET, 11/01/2011

Ten years after anthrax, how safe is your mail?

An investigation into what the U.S. Postal Service has done to secure envelopes and packages in the decade since the anthrax attacks.

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Posted at 10:18 PM ET, 09/05/2011

Postal Service could lose $10 billion this year

Worse, it might have little more than a week’s worth of money left in the bank when its fiscal year ends Sept. 30.

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Posted at 12:40 PM ET, 08/31/2011

In affidavits, Peace Corps volunteers tell stories of assault and frustration

Newly released affidavits detail the stories of about 30 current and former volunteers who were sexually assaulted overseas.

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Posted at 10:16 PM ET, 08/29/2011

After Irene, FEMA facing a disaster of its own — funding

Now that the big hurricane is behind us, FEMA is running out of money and finds itself operating in a new political and fiscal climate.

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Posted at 09:10 PM ET, 08/24/2011

Earthquake illustrates colossal challenge of evacuating Washington, D.C.

A decade after terrorists targeted the Pentagon, it is unreasonable to think that Washington can be swiftly evacuated if they strike again, evidence and experts agree.

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Posted at 01:44 PM ET, 07/15/2011

GS: Document detective at Library of Congress

The Washington Post launches new series on federal workforce. First up is Fenella France, a document detective at the Library of Congress.

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Posted at 10:00 PM ET, 05/23/2011

Researchers see a pattern in rise of deadly tornadoes

The extraordinary Joplin twister — the single deadliest tornado since officials began keeping records in 1950 — was a rare destructive phenomenon known as a “multi-vortex.”

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Posted at 01:48 PM ET, 05/17/2011

Will federal pension proposal make public sector work less attractive?

Close observers and rank-and-file federal workers think so.

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Posted at 10:25 PM ET, 05/02/2011

FEMA liaisons bringing aid to tornado zone

The agency’s liaisons are armed with fliers, cell phones and some patience.

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Posted at 08:26 AM ET, 04/27/2011

Obama ordering agencies to draft new technology, customer service plans

There’s online banking, self-checkout at grocery stores and self-check-in at airports. But President Obama thinks that the federal government is mostly checked out when it comes to customer-friendly technology.

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Posted at 01:14 PM ET, 04/19/2011

Meet the union bosses trying to woo TSA agents

Today is the last day for Transportation Security Administration workers to vote on whether they want a union to represent them.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 04/13/2011

CIA suffering from a big brain drain

Experienced officials are fleeing the Central Intelligence Agency, according to a new Post study.

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Posted at 05:41 AM ET, 04/08/2011

Obama’s top management guru frustrated by government shutdown

If things had gone differently, Jeffrey D. Zients this week might have been worrying about the Washington Nationals’ batting order. Instead he’s preparing for a government shutdown.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 04/08/2011

Government shutdown: Federal workers look for answers at ‘emergency’ town hall

They vented their frustrations and sought answers about what to expect.

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Posted at 04:31 PM ET, 04/03/2011

Frequently asked questions about a government shutdown

The Federal Eye and colleague Paul Kane tackle some of the most probing questions regarding what happens if there’s a budget impasse.

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Posted at 05:50 PM ET, 03/13/2011

Study: Barely half of agencies meeting Obama’s FOIA goals

President Obama’s administration has improved in its responsiveness to Freedom of Information requests, but still has a ways to ago, according to a new report on the issue.

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Posted at 10:00 AM ET, 03/02/2011

Federal workers union gathers uneasily for conference

Rep. Gerald E. Connolly (D-Va.) kicked off the annual gathering of the National Treasury Employees Union on Tuesday with a call to federal workers to "gird yourself for battle" against Republican-led attacks on their ranks.

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Posted at 11:05 PM ET, 03/01/2011

Government shutdown avoided for now, with a two-week funding extension

House and Senate leaders on Tuesday bought themselves a little more time in their efforts to avoid a government shutdown, agreeing to a two-week funding extension that also includes $4 billion in spending cuts.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 03/01/2011

Poll: Blame for possible government shutdown is divided

Americans are divided over who would be to blame for a potential government shutdown, with large numbers saying Republicans and President Obama are playing politics with the issue, according to a new Washington Post poll.

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