The State of NoVa: Annandale

Posted at 05:03 AM ET, 03/21/2013

Don’t hate Saul Tejada of Sterling just because he won $1 million on a Va. Lottery scratch-off ticket

Saul Tejada will actually only pocket about $400,000, though.

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Posted at 05:14 AM ET, 03/08/2013

UPDATE: Annandale brothel owner sentenced to 30 months in prison; new spa opens in same spot

But a new spa has opened in the same business park on Backlick Rd.

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Posted at 05:15 AM ET, 02/04/2013

Annandale gangster sentenced to 17 years for extortion ring that terrorized Korean merchants

Han Sa Yu, or ‘Thunder,’ terrorized for years with ‘Korean Night Breeders’

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 12/05/2012

Annandale’s John McHenry collapses while waiting for jury duty, saved by other jurors and defibrillator

Nearby defibrillator in Fairfax courthouse beats “the Widowmaker.”

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 11/15/2012

Annandale’s Dante Macario recalls his days as a B-24 nose gunner in World War II

The veteran flew 30 missions as a nose gunner over France, Germany

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Posted at 09:28 PM ET, 10/29/2012

Annandale massage parlor Peach Therapy was a full service brothel in heart of Fairfax County. Is it still?

Former owner admitted prostitution. It remains open in heart of Fairfax Co.

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Posted at 06:55 AM ET, 12/05/2011

Annandale violinist nominated for pop Grammy

Jenny Oaks Baker, a former first violinist for the National Symphony Orchestra, recorded an album of Disney movie classics and is now up for best pop instrumental album of the year.

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Posted at 10:27 AM ET, 09/09/2011

Harrowing experiences in NoVa flooding? Share yours here.

The raging waters that hit Northern Virginia Thursday have killed at least two people, and stranded or terrified many more. How did you fare?

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Posted at 05:15 AM ET, 08/23/2011

University of Northern Virginia: What is it? Part 1

Immigration authorities raided them, the chancellor just quit, and the University of Northern Virginia is now out in the open, after 13 years of quiet, unaccredited education of mostly foreign students.

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Posted at 04:00 AM ET, 08/05/2011

Annandale Salvation Army food drive comes up short

The local Salvation Army’s food bank shelves are empty sooner than usual, so they launched a ”Christmas in July” food drive Saturday. That didn’t help much. You can help.

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Posted at 09:58 AM ET, 07/26/2011

So THAT’S what that house on the Beltway is

The house sticking through the sound barrier overlooking the Gallows Road on-ramp must have some serious sound issues, right? Here’s what’s really going on in there.

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Posted at 01:57 PM ET, 07/11/2011

Annandale High parents don’t want students transferred to higher-rated Woodson

W.T. Woodson High School, just outside Fairfax City, is one of the top high schools in the area. But many Annandale High parents are opposed to a redistricting that would send their students there.

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Posted at 01:11 PM ET, 06/09/2011

Merrifield man provided karaoke companionship

What’s so wrong with providing lonely Korean men with someone to cheer them on while they sing some horrible version of an Elvis Presley song? Well, you need to be in the country legally, immigration authorities say.

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