The State of NoVa: Sterling

Posted at 05:03 AM ET, 03/21/2013

Don’t hate Saul Tejada of Sterling just because he won $1 million on a Va. Lottery scratch-off ticket

Saul Tejada will actually only pocket about $400,000, though.

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Posted at 05:04 AM ET, 02/22/2013

Today is ‘Gun Owners Support Starbucks Day,’ for Virginians who openly carry guns in public

To show appreciation for allowing open carry of guns, legal in Va.

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Posted at 05:05 AM ET, 02/04/2013

Northern Virginia students at James Madison U. create anti-human trafficking campaign for MTV

From James Madison University, project chosen for mtvU challenge

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Posted at 01:56 AM ET, 10/23/2012

Indoor cricket club opens in Sterling

Now you can practice your googlys and beamers year-round.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 08/10/2012

Loudoun County on verge of landing high-level minor league pro soccer franchise

The NASL team will share a proposed stadium with the minor league baseball Hounds in the proposed Kincora development in Sterling.

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Posted at 10:56 AM ET, 03/28/2012

NoVa residents battle to save local post offices

Falls Church’s Elaine Mittleman and Rep. Gerry Connolly are pushing for better ways to close Postal Service deficit.

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Posted at 12:16 PM ET, 03/27/2012

Eugene Delgaudio responds to ‘hate group’ designation: ‘I have to take it lightly’

Loudoun County supervisor said he was neither surprised nor alarmed by the addition of his conservative advocacy organization to a list of designated “hate groups.”

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Posted at 04:29 PM ET, 03/26/2012

Loudoun Supervisor Eugene Delgaudio’s advocacy organization designated a ‘hate group’

Loudoun County supervisor’s advocacy organization was recently added to a list of designated hate groups compiled by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

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Posted at 11:09 AM ET, 03/08/2012

Loudoun’s Ari Dyckovsky, 18, blazing trail in quantum physics

Ari Dyckovsky, 18, is a finalist today in the Intel Science Talent Search, for his work in quantum physics. What were you doing when you were 18?

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Posted at 04:16 PM ET, 12/16/2011

Sterling’s Patton Oswalt starting to make something of himself

He’s starred in movies and TV, and now is getting award recognition. But he hasn’t forgotten Broad Run.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 09/30/2011

NoVa Roller Derby launches Saturday in Loudoun

It’s not your father’s roller derby, but it is full contact, its skaters have cool names like Debi Does Dulles and Loudoun Dirty, and they are dedicated to helping a different charity every month.

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Posted at 03:52 PM ET, 09/01/2011

Doug Green, Potomac Falls grad, killed in Afghanistan

Green was a popular actor and football player at Potomac Falls, and had been in the Army for four years.

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Posted at 04:15 AM ET, 07/12/2011

In Sterling, an outpost of Buddhist serenity

A Buddhist monastery just off Route 28 has now been supplemented with a new Thai Buddhist temple, or “wat,” for the growing number of Buddhists in Northern Virginia.

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