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Posted at 04:13 PM ET, 12/20/2012

Bob Dole pays respects to Daniel Inouye in Capitol Rotunda

The former Senate majority leader came to pay respects to his lifelong friend.

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Posted at 11:56 AM ET, 12/18/2012

Patrick Leahy sworn in as Senate President Pro Tempore

Vermont's senior senator is now third in line to the presidency.

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Posted at 07:05 PM ET, 12/17/2012

When senators learned that Daniel Inouye died

2CHAMBERS | The Senate stood in stunned silence as Harry Reid announced the news.

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Posted at 02:45 PM ET, 12/17/2012

Harry Reid: 'Every idea should be on the table' as Congress responds to Connecticut shootings

2CHAMBERS | The Senate's leaders observe a moment of silence, respond to the attacks, suggest a debate is forthcoming.

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Posted at 02:33 PM ET, 11/27/2012

Filibuster fight reignites partisanship in Senate

Back-and-forth could spoil the need to reach a compromise that averts more than $500 billion in annual automatic tax hikes and spending cuts.

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Posted at 10:44 AM ET, 11/14/2012

In speech, Angus King explains his decision to join with Senate Democrats

The senator-elect explained his decision in a nuanced address worth reading.

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Posted at 01:23 PM ET, 11/08/2012

Angus King, still undecided, doesnt rule out joining GOP

Maine's independent senator-elect says he has two main criteria for picking with which party he plans to caucus.

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Posted at 09:57 PM ET, 11/04/2012

Senate gets the 60 Minutes treatment

Senate leaders agree to an interview with the nation's most-watched television news program. It was awkward, to say the least.

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Posted at 10:28 AM ET, 10/08/2012

Capitol Assets: A close-up look at congressional wealth

Latest installment of The Post's Capitol Assets project finds most lawmakers weathered the Great Recession quite well.

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Posted at 01:56 PM ET, 10/04/2012

Harry Reid + Mitt Romney + taxes, again

The Senate majority leader once again goads the GOP presidential nominee to talk about taxes.

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Posted at 11:03 AM ET, 05/10/2012

Sen. Harry Reid: Richard Lugar ‘drummed out by tea party zealots'

The Senate’s top Democrat says the long-serving Republican’s “first priority has always been getting things done for the American people.“

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