Guest Voices: Egypt

Posted at 02:40 PM ET, 12/20/2012

Critiquing Morsi’s Egypt

If he took a consensus based-approach, Morsi could have found allies among revolutionary forces, scholar says.

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Posted at 06:41 PM ET, 12/04/2012

Omnipotence needs no defense and other obvious theological truths

Egypt‘s emerging constitution betrays the brightest hopes of the Arab Spring, says scholar.

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Posted at 12:59 PM ET, 11/20/2012

Longing for an Arab-Israeli Spring

Muslim doctor longs to see a movement fueled by youth more focused on the future than the past.

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Posted at 01:33 PM ET, 11/19/2012

Mr. President: Send Bill Clinton as Mideast peace envoy

Clinton’s experience in the region makes him an ideal negotiator, says a human rights lawyer.

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Posted at 04:51 PM ET, 07/10/2012

John Bryson Chane: Interfaith work remains important to protect religious minorities

Christians and Jews who condemn Islam as “violent” need to study own religious texts and history.

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Posted at 03:33 PM ET, 03/12/2012

Revolution could mean the Muslim Brotherhood’s conversion from Islamism

The revolution in Egypt is likely to see a transformation of political Islamism, in its birthplace, in the years to come

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