The Answer Sheet: Chicago Schools

Posted at 12:25 PM ET, 07/20/2013

So much for keeping cuts away from the classrooms

Chicago officials trying to close a big budget deficit are laying off some 2,100 people, including teachers.

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Posted at 04:01 AM ET, 06/27/2013

Fireworks at Chicago school board meeting

Watch the video.

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Posted at 05:02 AM ET, 05/30/2013

The biggest irony in Chicago's mass closing of schools

It goes back to the time of Arne Duncan's leadership of the Chicago school system.

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Posted at 12:38 AM ET, 03/22/2013

Where was Chicago mayor when school closings were announced?

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel was nowhere to be seen in Chicago when officials released the controversial news that 54 public schools would close this year. Where was he?

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Posted at 08:38 PM ET, 03/21/2013

Chicago closing 54 schools; union leader blasts 'outrageous' plan

Chicago says it will close 54 schools this year; Chicago Teachers Union leader says the closings are a travesty -- and worse.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 08/19/2010

Russo: The willy-nilly nature of teacher layoffs

Alexander Russo writes about the case of a highly certified, tenured teacher who is being laid off.

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