The Answer Sheet: High-Stakes Tests

Posted at 10:00 AM ET, 04/08/2014

Principals slam 2014 NY Common Core tests as badly designed

‘Frankly, many of us were disappointed by the design and quality of the tests.’

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Posted at 04:10 PM ET, 03/21/2014

Teachers: ‘sit and stare’ policy is ‘spiteful’

Some kids who opt out of high-stakes tests are being forced to sit and do nothing.

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Posted at 11:47 PM ET, 04/07/2013

Principal warns parents: 'Don't buy the bunk' about new Common Core tests

Parents will soon be told whether their children are "on the road" to college readiness based on cut scores on tests of the new Common Core standards. But there is no evidence the scores will have any meaning.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 01/13/2011

Are more high-stakes tests inevitable? A teacher says 'no'

A teacher writes that education reformers have promised far more than they can deliver, and that more testing is not inevitable as many teachers, students and parents fear.

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