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Posted at 05:05 AM ET, 12/03/2013

Are Finland’s vaunted schools slipping?

How should it respond?

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Posted at 05:32 AM ET, 09/20/2013

The best colleges for delicious, nutritious food

The No. 1 out of 60 top schools is a small school in Maine. But Virginia has four schools on the list.

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Posted at 12:12 PM ET, 09/10/2013

Why U.S. News college rankings shouldn’t matter to anyone

Another year, another set of college rankings from U.S. News & World Report. What do they really mean?

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Posted at 01:02 PM ET, 05/15/2013

School rankings: Why even the better ones are questionable

Here are some of the serious problems affecting even the better school rankings.

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Posted at 11:38 AM ET, 12/12/2012

BCS football rankings if academics mattered

What would the BCS football rankings look like if academics were taken into account? The non-profit New America Foundation tells us in an analysis that looks at the 25 schools ranked in the Bowl Championship Series.

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Posted at 04:43 PM ET, 12/14/2010

How Shanghai topped PISA rankings -- and why it's not big news in China

Q) How did Shanghai students, participating in a high-profile international exam for the first time, able to land at the top of the math, reading and science rankings? A) An obsession with test taking, to the exclusion of a lot of other things. Diane Ravitch and Yong Zhao explain.

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Posted at 09:30 AM ET, 12/12/2010

What international test scores really tell us: Lessons buried in PISA report

Buried in the data report about the latest international results of PISA are lessons that show how U.S. education policy is failing.

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Posted at 04:27 PM ET, 12/07/2010

Hysteria over PISA misses the point

Reaction in the United States to the PISA results -- in which American 15 year olds scored essentially average in reading, math and science -- was swift, sharp, and perhaps hysterical. But it missed the big point: No Child Left Behind didn't do anything to improve things.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 04/16/2010

Any value to U.S. News rankings?

It's the time of year for more U.S. News & World Report rankings, these of graduate schools around the nation. The methodology is very very complicated, but it's hard to find much meaning in any of this.

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 04/14/2010

Choosing a college isn't about cachet, rankings

A college admissions expert advices high school seniors deciding where to go to college to throw away the U.S. News and World Report rankings, and pick the school that fits them best.

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Posted at 04:30 AM ET, 01/28/2010

Top college rankings vs. endowments

When I looked at the list of top college endowments (a new report on these funds was released today) I had a nagging feeling that I had seen the same schools on a different list. Then I remembered: Many of the top 10 schools were the same as those on >U.S. News & World Report’s 2009 list of top national universities (which actually looks very similar to lists of years past). Take a look at the following lists, and then the reason I find this problematic.

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Posted at 03:00 AM ET, 01/14/2010

Maryland tops other states on ed report card

And the 2010 rankings keep coming....The nation earned a “C” on Education Week's 14th annual "Quality Counts" report card that measures how well states have delivered a high-quality education to all students. Maryland was the top state with a “B+” and was followed by Massacussetts and New York, both of which earned a “B.” Virginia earned a "B-" while most states got grades of “C” or lower. Virginia earned a "B-" while most states got grades of "C" or lower.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 10/19/2009

The Best High School in America?

A reader asked if Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology in Fairfax County, Va., is, in fact, “America’s best high school.” It says so on the cover of Washingtonian magazine’s October issue. The answer: For whom is it the best?

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 10/09/2009

A New World Ranking Of Top Universities--And Why Such Lists Are Nonsense

There is sure to be angst in some education quarters now that a new list of top universities around the world has just been published in Britain--and American schools did not do as well as they did last year. Since Friday is the day for lists on The Answer Sheet, read on for a list of the top universities that were ranked--and a list of reasons why such lists have no merit. That's a lot of lists.

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