The Answer Sheet: School Closings

Posted at 02:54 PM ET, 05/23/2013

The Rev. John Thomas: No act of God caused Chicago schools closings

A reverend looks at what is really behind the decision by the Chicago Board of Education to go ahead with the largest mass closing of public schools in American history.

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Posted at 09:46 AM ET, 04/20/2013

When it's not his children's school

A parent blasts Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel for his plan to close more than 50 public schools

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Posted at 11:55 PM ET, 03/26/2013

Barricades erected before mass protest against Chicago school closings

Here's how you know that Chicago officials are expecting a rowdy turnout at a mass rally called for Wednesday afternoon to protest the announced closings of more than 50 schools this year:

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Posted at 08:38 PM ET, 03/21/2013

Chicago closing 54 schools; union leader blasts 'outrageous' plan

Chicago says it will close 54 schools this year; Chicago Teachers Union leader says the closings are a travesty -- and worse.

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Posted at 08:09 PM ET, 03/07/2013

Philadelphia to close 23 public schools; Randi Weingarten arrested at protest (update)

American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten was arrested along with 18 other activists today in Philadelphia as they were protesting a hearing by the School Reform Commission on a plan to close nearly 30 public schools in the city.

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Posted at 07:42 PM ET, 12/20/2012

Dozens of Michigan schools close early because of rumors of violence

Dozens of Michigan schools started the holiday break two days early because of distractions caused by rumored threats of violence and issues with end-of-the-world prophecies. Following are statements from officials in the two counties explaining why.

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