The Answer Sheet: The Revolution

Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 12/30/2010

Learning the French Revolution with Lady Gaga: Teachers sing history lessons

Imagine learning about the French Revolution through a rewritten version of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.”

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Posted at 10:45 AM ET, 12/14/2010

The 'Parent Trigger' doesn't help schools or parents

The so-called “parent trigger” law in California, which allows a majority of parents (from a school or from their “feeder” schools) to sign a petition that forces a school to be converted into a charter, is not a genuine parent engagement strategy. The recent effort to apply the law for the first time shows why.

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 07/27/2010

Duncan and education’s “quiet revolution”

Some things speak for themselves. That includes this blogpost on the Education Department’s website about a major speech Secretary Arne Duncan is giving today. The post talks about a “quiet revolution” in education now sweeping the country, one in which...

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Posted at 03:56 PM ET, 06/18/2010

Student newspapers destroyed after editorial upsets P.E. teachers

This sounds like a parody of a high school, but it really happened at Albemarle High School in Virginia.

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