The Answer Sheet: Yale University

Posted at 12:27 PM ET, 02/27/2011

James Franco’s unusual education

James Franco, actor and co-host of The Academy Awards tonight, likes going to school. In fact, he still is, studying for his doctorate in English at Yale University, while fitting in movie and television appearances when he isn’t studying.

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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 01/20/2011

Harvard’s unofficial early admissions process

Harvard University doesn’t have an official early admissions process, but some students still learn before everybody else whether they are being looked on with favor by the admissions folks. Meanwhile, the current early admissions seasons is the toughest ever for some schools.

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Posted at 10:40 AM ET, 12/08/2010

Schools eligible for 2011 John Lennon Scholarship

The John Lennon Scholarship Program created by Yoko Ono is now accepting applicants from a certain group of schools. Here they are.

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Posted at 02:32 PM ET, 02/04/2010

Yale saves with colder buildings

In a sign of how severe the country’s economic downturn is affecting even the wealthiest universities, Yale’s leaders just told the school community that it was freezing salaries of highhly compensated officials, setting thermostats in all buildings to 68 degrees and taking other steps to save money. President Richard Levin and Provost Peter Salovey detailed the measures the school is taking to absorb a decline of the endowment from $22.9 billion in June 2008 to $16.3 billion in June 2009--a 28.6 percent drop.

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