Dr. Gridlock: Transportation Politics

Posted at 02:10 PM ET, 03/26/2014

Transportation issues deserve more attention in mayoral campaign

D.C. candidates would have plenty to work with on streetcars, Metro, Circulator buses, biking and pedestrian safety.

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Posted at 02:16 PM ET, 02/21/2013

Is any increase in transportation spending a good thing?

Virginia's transportation compromise may be good, but it's a spending plan, not a congestion-relief plan.

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Posted at 01:45 PM ET, 02/12/2013

Transportation tax ideas are a tough sell everywhere

Chances are remote that significant improvements in our transportation programs will emerge from the Virginia and Maryland general assemblies or any other government.

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Posted at 01:33 PM ET, 03/27/2012

House GOP hopes for 60-day extension of transportation funding

Current funding levels have been extended eight times since the last long term bill expired more than two years go. The latest extension expires on March 31.

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