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Posted at 05:00 PM ET, 11/05/2010

Montgomery County admits kids were pushed too hard in math

The highly regarded Montgomery County Public Schools now admits that it has been pushing too many kids into accelerated math when they weren't ready and will stop it. A lot of parents are going to lose bragging rights at cocktail parties.

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Posted at 11:35 AM ET, 10/15/2010

The limits of Moco schools' economic integration study

There are big limits to the study released today showing that several hundred low-income students who went to school in low-poverty schools in Montgomery County did better on standardized math tests than kids who went to high-poverty schools.

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Posted at 12:49 PM ET, 03/08/2010

Eeek! Rats in MoCo school!

Rodent problems are a common occurrence in school buildings around the country -- including in some of the best schools, including Burning Tree Elementary in Montgomery County Public Schools. Forty-two traps have been set in and around classrooms.

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