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Posted at 12:30 PM ET, 02/14/2014

How investing in paste and crayons can help save Detroit and other big cities

It’s about early childhood education.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 12/03/2010

Time to pay attention to a reform that works

There’s an education reform strategy that has 50 years of solid research behind it, with proven results that demonstrate how to improve student achievement. It’s. a solution backed by both political parties to help narrow the achievement gap, increase high school graduation rates and reduce crime and delinquency. So why don't we focus on it like a laser beam?

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 06/10/2010

Do we need preschool graduation ceremonies?

Spend a little time watching videos of pre-kindergarten and kindergarten students at graduation ceremonies, or, to save time, just take my word for it, but it's time to call a halt to these events.

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