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Posted at 04:00 AM ET, 04/04/2014

Student privacy activists win a big one

New York state is ending its relationship with a controversial $100 million student data collection project funded by the Gates Foundation.

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Posted at 05:01 AM ET, 09/19/2013

School district monitoring students’ social media posts

District officials are looking for signs that kids are suicidal or being bullied, and many other schools are apparently signing on to do the same thing.

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Posted at 10:57 AM ET, 06/12/2013

An exchange on controversial $100 million student database

Letters discuss privacy concerns.

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Posted at 11:24 AM ET, 06/09/2013

Privacy concerns grow over Gates-funded student database

Some states in a pilot program are pulling back.

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Posted at 09:55 AM ET, 03/28/2013

On the question of student privacy

Here is a view counter to one expressed in a recent post about a lawsuit alleging that the Education Department is promoting rules that expand the release of private student data to third parties.

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Posted at 02:21 PM ET, 10/08/2010

Poll: Kids say their friends share too much online

A new poll of teens and parents reveals that 92 percent of parents are concerned that their children share too much personal information online, and 79 percent of kids think their friends do too.

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Posted at 02:37 PM ET, 10/01/2010

Tyler Clementi and all of the bystanders

Where were the people who knew what had happened to Rutgers University freshman Tyler Clementi and did nothing to help when he learned he had been secretly recorded while having sex with a man in his dorm room?

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 04/21/2010

Student: Do, kids, teachers on Facebook really want privacy?

A high school student writes about just how much privacy kids and teacher on Facebook really want.

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