The Answer Sheet: standardized testing

Posted at 09:37 AM ET, 11/08/2013

Where 4th graders are forced to take 33 standardized tests a year

It’s Pittsburgh, where K-12 students take more than 270 mandated standardized tests.

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Posted at 12:47 PM ET, 08/21/2013

Poll: Most Americans sick of high-stakes standardized tests

This is the latest, and best known, of the recent polls on public education that have had conflicting responses.

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Posted at 11:33 AM ET, 07/25/2013

How much time do school districts spend on standardized testing? This much.

The amount of lost instructional time is somewhat staggering.

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Posted at 07:01 AM ET, 07/10/2013

Standardized testing scores the public never sees

D.C. public school students take a lot of standardized tests, but the scores, it turns out, are never released.

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Posted at 03:47 PM ET, 06/10/2013

Texas governor signs legislation to reduce standardized testing

Gov. Rick Perry bends to popular will.

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Posted at 04:02 AM ET, 05/15/2013

Why we need a moratorium on the high stakes of testing

Randi Weingarten just called for a moratorium on the high stakes attached to new Common Core-aligned standardized tests. Here's why we should do it.

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Posted at 05:02 AM ET, 04/30/2013

'Who allowed these big boys to go and play in education? Now the moms have to clean it up'

What started with eight women from Austin and suburban Houston is now a movement that spread across Texas and is challenging the standardized testing regime in the Lone Star State.

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Posted at 04:05 AM ET, 04/25/2013

Yet a new Pearson problem with testing

Here's an email from a doctor who ran into trouble with Pearson testing.

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Posted at 04:01 AM ET, 04/24/2013

A brief history of Pearson's problems with testing

Over years, in different states and a U.S. territory.

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Posted at 09:20 AM ET, 04/15/2013

A tweet that says it all

The effect of the test-based school reform in 26 words and an ampersand.

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Posted at 11:27 AM ET, 02/17/2013

Student 'zombies' protest standardized tests

The year-long revolt against high-stakes standardized testing is being increasingly fueled by students, including a "zombie" army in Providence.

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Posted at 12:16 PM ET, 01/25/2013

Newtown school district seeks standardized testing waiver

The Newtown, Conn., Board of Education voted to ask the federal government to exempt its public schools from taking some mandated standardized tests because of the trauma suffered by the community from the fatal shootings of 20 children and six teachers at Sandy Hook Elementary last month.

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Posted at 10:24 AM ET, 01/06/2013

Texas school districts seek testing waivers

There's something almost poetic about this: In the state where the high-stakes standardized testing era began under then-governor George W. Bush, a consortium of school districts is asking officials to grant them exemptions from state and federal testing requirements.

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Posted at 02:45 PM ET, 01/28/2011

Do tests really help students learn -- or was a new study misreported? -- Kohn

A new study that received attention was said to have concluded that kids should "take a test to really learn." Except, as Alfie Kohn explains, the study doesn't support that conclusion.

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Posted at 05:00 AM ET, 01/21/2011

Testing the Common Core Standards

A veteran of the standardized testing industry sets out to discover whether the Common Core Standards are "revolutionary" or whether they look a lot like standards states already have. Here's his report.

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Posted at 11:15 AM ET, 01/06/2011

NCLB's 9th anniversary: 'Will there be anything we will need to remember after the test?'

Nine years ago this week president Bush signed into law the No Child Left Behind Act. Take a look at what it wrought.

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Posted at 03:15 PM ET, 06/07/2010

Standardized testing follies in Florida

A major testing company is having myriad problems scoring the Florida Comprehensive Assessment Tests, just one more reason that standardized tests should not be used for high-stakes decisions.

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Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 03/28/2010

Less Testing, More Learning

By Lisa Guisbond and Monty Neill. President Obama's blueprint for rewriting No Child Left Behind shows a deeply disappointing failure to learn from NCLB's big mistakes. For instance, it still makes standardized testing the centerpiece of the law.

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Posted at 06:30 AM ET, 10/23/2009

What teachers think about their jobs, testing

Federal officials take note: A new study shows that 40 percent of the country’s 4 million K-12 teachers are “disheartened” with their jobs and the vast majority think there is too much standardized testing and that it is a “drawback” to teaching.

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