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Posted at 04:27 PM ET, 12/09/2011

Chris Paul trade veto shows it’s time for David Stern to go

You have to have certain ethical and moral lines you won’t cross to please your superiors. NBA Commissioner David Stern apparently makes up his lines as he goes along, and for that, it’s time for him to go.

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Posted at 02:16 PM ET, 04/14/2011

NBA year end awards

Now that the dust has settled on the regular season, it’s time to speculate recipients of the MVP, rookie of the year and the often overlooked Methuselah award.

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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 03/18/2011

Franchise ownership 101

Owners of professional sports teams are in dire need of an image enhancement and need to take a serious look at how they operate their business and treat their fans.

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Posted at 11:29 AM ET, 03/03/2011

Buzz Bissinger is a big fat idiot

Well, not really. But when someone writes with the thoughtfulness and sophistication of Rush Limbaugh, it seems fair to lump them together. Bissinger wrote the seminal book on high school football, Friday Night Lights in 1990 and was considered a...

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