Celebritology 2.0: Internet Brilliance

Posted at 02:39 PM ET, 12/12/2012

On 2012, the year that celebrity snark hit warp speed

When any pop cultural moment became a thing, we were there to fake-tweet it.

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Posted at 02:54 PM ET, 10/15/2012

Bill Murray crashed a kickball game, thereby delighting the Internet

He hadn’t crashed anything in a couple of days, so it was time.

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Posted at 12:50 PM ET, 10/12/2012

Justin Bieber’s noon showdown was a publicity stunt for a new video with Nicki Minaj

His laptop and camera really weren’t stolen.

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Posted at 02:20 PM ET, 09/18/2012

Jon Hamm has (sort of) directed Aimee Mann’s new video, a remake of the ‘Voices Carry’ video

As Hamm’s character explains, the project was really “collamborative.”

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Posted at 12:54 PM ET, 09/17/2012

Crazy Nicolas Cage face makes an excellent wedding anniversary gift

A college student decided that the only way to honor her parents’ 21 years of marriage was to hide Cage photos all over the house.

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Posted at 10:13 AM ET, 08/24/2012

Suri’s Burn Book: Does the Suri Cruise-inspired blog (and book) go too far?

Allie Hagan’s blog is very funny. But does it cross a line?

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Posted at 10:26 AM ET, 08/14/2012

Watch Nicolas Cage, Muppets and Cary Grant cover ‘Baby Got Back’

Starring everyone in Hollywood.

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Posted at 03:13 PM ET, 07/16/2012

Why follow Kim Kardashian on Twitter when you can follow Kim Kierkegaardashian?

She’s both philosophical and self-promotional!

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Posted at 11:46 AM ET, 07/11/2012

Watch Lily from ‘Modern Family’ belt out Adele from her car seat

Never mind, she’ll find someone like you, even though she’s only 5.

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