Celebritology 2.0: Morning Mix; Robert Pattinson

Posted at 08:29 AM ET, 08/17/2012

The name Kristen Stewart finally mentioned in Robert Pattinson interview; No Doubt, Carey tapped by NFL

Also: Kristen Bell takes Ryan Lochte’s medals on “The Tonight Show.”

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Posted at 08:28 AM ET, 08/08/2012

Robert Pattinson to do ‘Daily Show’; the Rupert Sanders and Liberty Ross ‘reunion’

Also: See a member of the Kardashian family who cares so little for publicity that she is closing her eyes in a magazine cover shot.

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Posted at 08:43 AM ET, 08/01/2012

Robert Pattinson staying at Reese Witherspoon’s and fighting with Kristen Stewart over dog custody?

The morning mix also features some headlines not related to Pattinson and Stewart. They really do exist!

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Posted at 07:47 AM ET, 07/30/2012

More Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart drama; ‘Dark Knight Rises’ composer releases charity song

U-Haul truck spottings are involved.

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