Celebritology 2.0: Ryan Gosling

Posted at 06:22 PM ET, 10/30/2012

Ryan Gosling and Michael Fassbender showed up by surprise at a charity event

Gosling even contributed some cash to the cause.

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Posted at 09:02 AM ET, 10/11/2012

Bobbi Kristina Brown announces engagement in TV promo; Justin Bieber and Ryan Gosling are cousins?

Brown’s fiance is also her sort-of adopted brother. Um, okay.

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Posted at 08:39 AM ET, 06/19/2012

Ryan Gosling sings, dances in Hammer pants at 1991 talent show (Video)

The future Oscar nominee belted out “When A Man Loves a Woman” at a 1991 Mormon talent show.

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Posted at 04:05 PM ET, 04/04/2012

Ryan Gosling, New York hero part two: The aftermath

The woman Gosling prevented from getting hit by a cab responds. And she thinks Americans need to get their priorities straight.

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Posted at 09:10 PM ET, 04/03/2012

Ryan Gosling does another New York good deed, confirms superhero status

He saved a woman from being hit by a cab. Naturally, this proves he’s Batman.

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Posted at 02:02 PM ET, 02/06/2012

Ryan Gosling is now available on demand

His movies are being packaged as part of a Ryan Gosling On Demand channel on Time Warner Cable. Just in time for Valentine’s Day.

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Posted at 08:12 AM ET, 01/31/2012

Elton John has Super Bowl advice for Madonna; Shirley MacLaine to join ‘Downton Abbey’

Also in the morning mix: Ryan Gosling doesn’t think he was snubbed by the Oscars.

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Posted at 04:25 PM ET, 12/05/2011

Bradley Cooper also thinks Ryan Gosling is sexier than he is (Video)

In an interview on the UK’s “The Graham Norton Show.” he acknowledges the Sexiest Man Alive controversy but stops just short of conceding his title.

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Posted at 07:00 AM ET, 11/24/2011

Ryan Gosling: Giving thanks for him on Thanksgiving Day

On this day of gratitude, we count our Ryan Gosling blessings, many of which also happen to be Tumblrs.

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Posted at 04:12 PM ET, 11/16/2011

Sexiest Man Alive: Ryan Gosling and other fine gentlemen snubbed by People magazine

Bradley Cooper was declared the Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine today, causing many Ryan Gosling fans to sob softly while watching scenes from “The Notebook.”

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