Celebritology 2.0: Shia LaBeouf

Posted at 11:16 AM ET, 08/30/2012

Meet Shia LaBeouf, investigative reporter, in ‘The Company You Keep’ trailer

LaBeouf is a journalist investigating Robert Redford, who, as you may recall, once played a reporter.

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Posted at 01:39 PM ET, 06/18/2012

Shia LaBeouf, sans clothing, stars in new Sigur Ros video

The “Transformers” actor stars in a video “about addiction to drugs, or sex, or anything–and how you get stuck in a cycle.”

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Posted at 07:38 PM ET, 05/02/2012

The Shia LaBeouf cannibal song: The story behind the viral track

The guy behind the LaBeouf-related earworm explains why he wrote it.

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