Celebritology 2.0: The Breakfast Club

Posted at 11:10 PM ET, 08/07/2009

A Q&A With John Hughes's Pen Pal

At the age of 15, when most Gen Xers desperately coveted an exclusive membership in "The Breakfast Club," Alison Byrne Fields became friends with the man who founded it. Fields, 39, was pen pals with writer-director John Hughes for two years, exchanging roughly 20 to 25 personal letters with him from 1985 to 1987. When the filmmaker died suddenly on Thursday at the age of 59, she wrote a touching personal essay -- entitled "Sincerely, John Hughes" -- that described all the details about their exchange of letters and the relationship they developed. She then posted it to her personal blog, "We'll Know When We Get There." The movie that launched a beautiful letter-writing friendship. (Universal Studios) By Friday morning, the blog post was being Tweeted, Facebooked and passed along via e-mail in electronic droves by Hughes fans moved by her story. By mid-afternoon that same day, she was receiving...

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