Class Struggle: he does

Posted at 02:58 AM ET, 05/31/2012

Try parent visits, not parent takeovers of schools

The parent trigger, a way for parents to takeover schools, is spreading fast despite little evidence it works. Visiting parents does help, but we ignore that.

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 09/15/2010

Good-bye Rhee. Hello who?

With Adrian Fenty's defeat in the D.C. mayoral primary, and Vincent Gray almost certain to be the new mayor, the exciting and divisive school chancellorship of Michelle A. Rhee---a boon to bloggers everywhere--is likely to end by the end of this school year, if not before. I like Rhee a lot, and wish her well on what likely will be another intriguing career adventure, but it is time to figure out what happens next with the D.C. schools.

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Posted at 12:56 PM ET, 08/31/2010

America's best teacher and the L.A. Times

Once the Los Angeles Times announced it was going to release its analysis of how much value each one of 6,000 L.A. elementary school teachers had added to their classes, based on test scores, I knew I had a good test of the validity of their project. I have spent much time in room 56 at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School in Los Angeles, where fifth grade teacher Rafe Esquith has proved himself to be, in my view, the best classroom teacher in the country, and certainly in his city.

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Posted at 11:55 AM ET, 06/16/2010

How does your high school rank? Check the new Newsweek list

Any public high school that gave at least as many AP, IB or Cambridge tests in 2009 as it had seniors graduating that year qualifies for the 2010 Newsweek list. If your high school meets that criteria and you do not find it listed, email me at

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