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Posted at 12:13 PM ET, 02/14/2012

Admissions 101: How badly do school test-tampering scandals hurt college applicants?

Selective colleges are more likely to believe the information they receive from school officials with a history of candor and clarity in their transcripts and other data.

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Posted at 12:56 PM ET, 08/31/2010

America's best teacher and the L.A. Times

Once the Los Angeles Times announced it was going to release its analysis of how much value each one of 6,000 L.A. elementary school teachers had added to their classes, based on test scores, I knew I had a good test of the validity of their project. I have spent much time in room 56 at Hobart Boulevard Elementary School in Los Angeles, where fifth grade teacher Rafe Esquith has proved himself to be, in my view, the best classroom teacher in the country, and certainly in his city.

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Posted at 07:30 PM ET, 07/08/2010

Intriguing alternative to rating schools by tests

Foote said, compared to averages for New York City high schools in general, "consortium schools post a lower dropout rate, higher college-bound rate, and higher daily attendance." I would like to see comparison of academic results, but the consortium schools are excused from the state standardized tests, and the regular schools don't require a literary essay, a research paper, a science experiment and a higher math application with external evaluation, more's the pity.

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Posted at 12:52 PM ET, 06/04/2009

Extra Credit: There's a Place for Cut-and-Paste Learning, And It's Not Fourth Grade

Dear Extra Credit: Because you asked, I think I can give you a fairly clear example of how the emphasis on testing is taking over instructional methods. I have three children in Fairfax County schools. When my sons (now...

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