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Posted at 01:09 PM ET, 02/08/2012

Grammy collaborations: What’s in store for Sunday

Some of these pairings make sense. As for the others...

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Posted at 09:06 AM ET, 08/02/2010

Alicia Keys weds Swizz Beatz; NPR remembers B.I.G.; Abbey Road auctions famous piano

Best Coast loves her cats. By Aaron Leitko -Alicia Keys and producer Swizz Beatz got hitched on Saturday while floating somewhere on the Mediterranean. New age guru Deepak Chopra performed the ceremony. T.I. also tied the knot over the weekend,...

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Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 05/28/2010

Whartscape lineup semi-announced, another 300 bands still unconfirmed; Willie Nelson lops off his hair; Alicia Keys pregnant, engaged

Jenn Wasner of Wye Oak, one of the local highlights at this year's Whartscape Fest in Baltimore. (Photo by Kyle Gustafson/FTWP) By Ally Schweitzer - *Sniffle* Whartscape has really grown up, guys. This year the Baltimore music fest celebrates its...

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 03/26/2010

In concert: Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys showed a different side but stuck to what made her famous at Verizon Center Thursday. (All photos by Mark Gail) By Sarah Godfrey Alicia Keys is a self-help-spouting, love song-singing force of positivity, delivering messages of hope and...

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Posted at 06:45 PM ET, 03/22/2010

Week ahead: Everything Bieber

There comes a time in every young boy's life when he releases his first solo album. That day is Tuesday for Justin Bieber. (Edward M. Pio Roda) In concert: It's SXSW leftover/sellout week here in D.C. The 9:30 club is...

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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 03/09/2010

Singles file: Likeblood, Broken Bells, Damien Jurado

Danger Mouse and James Mercer are Broken Bells. By Allison Stewart A weekly playlist for the listener with a one-track mind. Likeblood: "I Get It All" The DMV up-and-comers follow up "Money Over Here" with this Judah-produced track from...

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Posted at 12:00 PM ET, 01/26/2010

The Grammys: The curse of the Best New Artist award?

A Best New Artist curse? Girl, you know it's true. Maybe. Conventional wisdom has long held that the winner of a Grammy Award for Best New Artist is jinxed, destined to a career of flop albums, gigs at car dealership...

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