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Posted at 03:00 PM ET, 12/30/2010

Lists: David Malitz picks his top 10 concerts of 2010

I didn’t quite match last year’s 237 concerts, but I did attend 221 shows in 2010. And, to quote Eric Cartman, about 80 percent of them were “fine, just fine.” Maybe they just all blurred together. Maybe it was too...

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Posted at 09:00 AM ET, 07/01/2010

Courtney Love rebounds in Nashville; Eminem triumphantly tops Billboard

After a Sunday night trainwreck at Washington's 9:30 club, Courtney Love kept it together during a Hole show in Nashville. (Photo by Kyle Gustafson/FTWP) By Chris Richards - Looks like Courtney Love treated Washingtonians to a very special Hole show...

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Posted at 03:00 PM ET, 06/29/2010

You said it: Recent highlights from our comments pages

Adam Lambert fans saw Monday's concert different than we saw it. To put it mildly. (Evy Mages/TWP) It's been an exciting 48 hours on Click Track, with our reader comments sections going completely coconuts. You guys got pretty fired up...

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Posted at 08:00 AM ET, 06/29/2010

Lauryn Hill grants rare interview with NPR; about that Hole show the other night...

Lauryn Hill spoke to NPR and will perform at Merriweather Post Pavilion later this summer. (Brendon Thorne/Getty Images) By David Malitz - R&B/hip-hop recluse Lauryn Hill granted a rare interview to NPR's Zoe Chance as part of the station's "50...

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Posted at 11:20 AM ET, 06/28/2010

Courtney Love leads Hole through disastrous 9:30 Club concert

We saw Hole at 9:30 Club on Sunday. And we somehow lived through it. (All photos by Kyle Gustafson/FTWP) By David Malitz "You get the Bruce Springsteen set, sorry." Courtney Love muttered those words at some point during Hole's show...

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Posted at 11:30 AM ET, 04/27/2010

Album review: Hole, "Nobody's Daughter"

There's barely anything to like, let alone love on the new Hole album. By Joe Heim There's a lot to dislike about Courtney Love. And almost all of what's dislikable shows up on "Nobody's Daughter," the new album by Love's...

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Posted at 06:00 PM ET, 04/26/2010

Week ahead: My Morning Jacket at Merriweather, Hole finally releases new CD

My Morning Jacket has gone from Metro Cafe to Merriweather Post Pavilion over the past decade. (AP Photo/ Jim Cooper) By David Malitz In concert: You really want to see Phoenix tonight at Constitution Hall but it's very sold out....

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Posted at 08:59 AM ET, 04/22/2010

Courtney Love now Courtney Michelle, Record Store Day helps sales, a worthwhile rant about the Internet and music writing

Courtney Love is now Courtney Michelle. - Courtney Love ... it's never boring, is it? It's not Courtney Love either anymore, apparently. Please call her Courtney Michelle from now on. "The name Courtney Love is a way to oppress me,"...

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Posted at 03:45 PM ET, 03/25/2010

Taking sides: Which reunited rock bands should stay broken up?

Sleater-Kinney reunion? Maybe not ... but maybe! (John Clark) With the summer concert season swiftly approaching, bands are reuniting with a quickness. Pavement has embarked on what essentially feels like a global festival tour. Sleater-Kinney recently hinted at a possible...

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Posted at 12:25 PM ET, 03/22/2010

SXSW: Three things that ruled about the Hole reunion -- and three things that did not

Courtney Love revived Hole for a mixed set at SXSW. (Photo by Stacy Schwartz) By Chris Richards As we continue to nurse our post-SXSW music hangover, readers have been asking for our thoughts on Courtney Love's "reunited" Hole. (Those quotation...

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Posted at 08:30 AM ET, 02/17/2010

Morning click: Beatles for sale; Cap'n Jazz reunites, reissues discography

- Legendary Beatles recording studio Abbey Road is for sale by its owner, EMI. The studio, where the Fab Four recorded most of their 1960s output, could sell for tens of millions of pounds. In similarly depressing news, the...

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Posted at 12:39 PM ET, 01/07/2010

Taking sides... Better alterna-reunion: Soundgarden or Hole?

Courtney Love or Chris Cornell? Which band's reunion will be better? After challenging 2009s, respectively, Courtney Love and Chris Cornell seem to have bounced back with the same New Year's resolution: Get the band back together! Cornell announced that Soundgarden...

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