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Posted at 12:43 PM ET, 08/17/2011

Catch-17: Is Doug Williams’ old jersey off limits or not?

When Doug Williams allowed Jason Cambell to wear his old number, did he mean for the Redskins to let anyone else wear it, too?

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Posted at 02:26 PM ET, 07/28/2011

In trading for Albert Haynesworth Bill Belichick continues to be the ultimate collector

Bill Belichick once again lands a top talent for next to nothing as the Patriots trade for Albert Haynesworth.

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Posted at 01:22 PM ET, 07/28/2011

Albert Haynesworth: Bill Belichick’s newest knucklehead

So Albert Haynesworth is going to New England, huh? Gosh, I am starting to think Bill Belichick likes, and even needs knuckleheads in small doses.

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Posted at 12:36 PM ET, 07/08/2011

Turning adversity into advantage

The teams that stay together during the tumultuous NFL lockout will have the best chance to endure and emerge healthy, wealthy and ready to compete for an NFL championship.

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Posted at 12:16 PM ET, 04/27/2011

DeAngelo Hall makes you miss the days of Darrell Green

The Redskins’ loudmouthed, big-play cornerback’s latest comments about Jay Cutler make you long for the days of Darrell Green, the ultimate professional.

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