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Posted at 04:46 PM ET, 05/11/2011

O’Malley restores merit grants to 350 seniors

The students found out in recent days that their $3,000 Distinguished Scholar grants had been yanked.

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Posted at 12:08 PM ET, 12/07/2010

Md., Va. grad rates exceed national average

A new report from the Southern Regional Education Board shows new graduation data suggesting that both Maryland and Virginia outperform the nation as a whole in both entering and exiting college. Maryland's college graduation rate stands at 65 percent, and...

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Posted at 05:02 PM ET, 01/20/2010

USM's Kirwan: No Pay Cut

Well, here's something you don't see too often in a newsroom. We publish something flattering about a source. He says it's not true and asks for a correction. We reported in Tuesday's paper the latest survey of executive compensation for...

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