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Posted at 05:55 PM ET, 01/31/2011

Report: Naval Academy favors minorities, athletes

Updated at noon Tuesday with comments from Naval Academy. The Annapolis Capital newspaper on Sunday published a significant investigative piece on admissions at the U.S. Naval Academy, adding new voices and fresh statistics to the ongoing debate over whether the...

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Posted at 01:34 PM ET, 01/26/2011

Naval Academy professor settles free-speech claim

A U.S. Naval Academy professor has settled a First Amendment claim against the service academy, following allegations he was denied a merit pay increase after he published newspaper articles criticizing school policies.

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Posted at 08:07 AM ET, 01/26/2011

Seven U.S. Naval Academy midshipmen expelled for 'spice'

Seven midshipmen have been "separated" -- expelled -- from the U.S. Naval Academy for use or possession of spice, a designer drug similar to marijuana that is banned by the Navy. Spice is a concoction that appeared in head shops...

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Posted at 04:57 PM ET, 01/27/2010

USNA player reportedly fails drug test

A freshly posted article in the newspaper NavyTimes says a Naval Academy football player has been allowed to remain at the school after testing positive for drugs, citing unnamed sources and web accounts. The story says the player smoked a...

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