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Posted at 12:10 PM ET, 07/12/2012

Sullivan: U-Va. more united than ever

With the president reinstated, university leaders say the recent “near-death experience” has made the institution stronger.

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Posted at 05:15 PM ET, 04/16/2012

Documentary faults ‘bully’ label in U-Va. suicide

A film revisits the main characters in the 2010 death of Kevin Morrissey, a case that became a national symbol of workplace bullying.

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Posted at 02:46 PM ET, 02/27/2011

Fixing higher ed: U-Va. and U-Md. weigh in

In an article published last week in The Washington Post Magazine, I offered eight suggestions to "fix" higher education. After reading the article, you can rank the ideas in a poll, which you will find farther down on this blog....

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Posted at 03:32 PM ET, 01/24/2011

More seats at U-Va. could ease admission woes

The University of Virginia announced Monday that it had received more applications than ever: 23,942, a 6 percent increase. But the university is adding freshman seats in the fall, and that means a slightly more favorable admission rate. The university...

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Posted at 05:34 PM ET, 12/17/2010

'Degrading' football pre-game song pulled at U-Va.

The University of Virginia marching band has yanked its pre-game fight song "Rugby Road" this season, apparently over questionable lyrical content, according to an article in the Cavalier Daily student paper. Here are some of the lyrics, as archived by...

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Posted at 12:52 PM ET, 12/06/2010

U-Va., William and Mary grad rates are nation's best

Updated 12/7 with Chronicle citation corrected. The University of Virginia and the College of William and Mary rank one and two in the nation among public research universities for their graduation rates, according to an analysis of new federal data...

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Posted at 02:57 PM ET, 11/16/2010

U-Va. introduces Early Action for 2011

Four years after stepping away from a binding Early Decision admissions program, the University of Virginia announced Tuesday it will adopt the non-binding variant known as Early Action. Students applying in fall 2011 may submit their U-Va. applications by a...

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Posted at 10:39 AM ET, 10/21/2010

More reaction to U-Va. audit of literary journal

The final investigative report from the University of Virginia on the tragic episode that played out this summer inside the offices of its literary journal was sufficiently opaque that observers on opposite ideological poles of the issue claimed some measure...

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Posted at 02:46 PM ET, 10/20/2010

UPDATED: U-Va. audit finds school took 'appropriate action' in bullying allegations

An internal audit released Wednesday finds that the University of Virginia took "appropriate actions" in handling allegations of workplace bullying against the editor of the esteemed Virginia Quarterly Review after the suicide of his deputy.

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Posted at 06:07 PM ET, 10/06/2010

Top doctoral programs in English

In a recent post, I showed an easy way to boil down the difficult new National Research Council doctoral rankings into a simple top-to-bottom list. The NRC ranked doctoral programs for the first time in 15 years. Because of the...

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Posted at 12:34 PM ET, 09/28/2010

National Research Council doctoral rankings released

Universities have waited 15 years for today's release of a report and spreadsheet that rank thousands of doctoral programs in overall quality. The National Research Council report updates a study last completed in 1995. It rates doctoral programs across more...

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