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Posted at 11:50 AM ET, 02/27/2012

In search of higher education’s Best Picture

A guest blogger awards Oscars for best performances in a pedagogical role.

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Posted at 01:44 PM ET, 11/11/2011

Larry Summers on some of higher education’s ‘bad ideas’

The former Harvard president wonders, for example, whether it is wise for the nation’s oldest college to have so many old professors.

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Posted at 03:56 PM ET, 04/15/2011

Dating site connects alumni — and donations

At AlumniDate, 10 percent of your membership fee goes to your former college.

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Posted at 01:35 PM ET, 12/14/2010

Many college grads stay put. . . in Philly, at least

An interesting survey by the nonprofit Campus Philly finds that many more college graduates are choosing to remain in Philadelphia than a few years ago, a finding that has to bode well for the city's future. A spring survey found...

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