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Posted at 04:52 PM ET, 04/01/2011

American Council on Education responds to Va. Tech fine

Terry W. Hartle, ACE senior vice president, says the U.S. Department of Education is guilty of ‘bureaucratic malpractice’ in four-year probe

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Posted at 03:25 PM ET, 04/01/2011

Twelfth Naval Academy midshipman expelled in ‘spice’ case

A twelfth midshipman has been separated from the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis for use or possession of synthetic marijuana or “Spice.”

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Posted at 05:16 PM ET, 03/16/2011

George Mason student cleared in library study room ‘abduction’

The charge stemmed from an argument with another student over a library study room. She claimed he locked her in the room; he said she made the story up.

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Posted at 12:41 PM ET, 12/16/2010

Indiana University administrator accused of anti-Semitic hate crime

The latest in a series of anti-Semitic vandalism incidents on the campus of Indiana University has been linked to a man who coordinates scholarships in the university's honors college, a surprising turn of events. Mark Zacharias, 54, is charged with...

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Posted at 11:06 AM ET, 10/01/2010

Georgetown U.: Rope found on campus not a noose

Update, 12:05 p.m. Georgetown University officials now say that the "loose hanging rope" found hanging from a pipe in a locked utility room this week was not left there to resemble a noose. Julie Green Bataille, chief university spokeswoman, says...

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