Comic Riffs: Comedy Central

Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 11/02/2010

DRAWING MUHAMMAD: Molly Norris and Zachary Chesser, six months after 'South Park'

The original of this Molly Norris illustration was auctioned off last week in Northwest Washington. It's quite the twist to consider now, but several years ago, Zachary Chesser and Molly Norris might have been equally likely to send a fan...

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Posted at 09:25 AM ET, 08/05/2010

An Open Note to COMEDY CENTRAL: Here's your next surefire cartoon hit:

MEMO TO: The biggest suits, cheeses and kahunas at Comedy Central. And Sumner Redstone. FROM: A longtime constituent. RE: Your next big thing. Trust me. Can't miss, babe. Comedy Central, we have your next animated hit. It's got everything:...

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