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Posted at 12:18 AM ET, 02/04/2012

SUPER BOWL XLVI HUMOR: Our ‘Fave Five’ Giants vs. Patriots cartoons

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Posted at 02:30 PM ET, 02/01/2011

THE DAILY CARTOONIST site to shut down Comments section [UPDATED]

As one of the more popular blogs for comics pros, Alan Gardner's The Daily Cartoonist bills itself as "the source for industry news for the professional cartoonist." What Gardner does not want his blog to be is the source...

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Posted at 12:30 PM ET, 09/14/2010

THE FUTURE OF SPORTS CARTOONING? Drew Litton debuts his 'Monday Night Football' animations on

You so rarely see sports cartoonists in the wild. They are nearly a vanished breed, though given their once-glorious perch, I prefer to think of them as more condor than dodo. Given the opportunity, they can still soar. Which...

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Posted at 08:30 AM ET, 04/03/2010

5 HOT LINKS: Of Marvel's iPad app & Neal Adams's new Batman

Catching up to five of our fave links of the week... 1. "APP-TAIN AMERICA": On the cusp of lines snaking around Apple stores on Saturday -- in search of the (allegedly) mighty mighty iPad -- Marvel Comics drops news...

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Posted at 10:45 AM ET, 02/21/2010

OLYMPICS GALLERY: Cartoons from the 2010 Games [UPDATED]

With the images of ginormous dancing bears, towering trees and k.d. lang still dancing in our heads from the Opening Ceremonies, Comic Riffs is beginning to gather cartoons about the 2010 Winter Games in Vancouver. Too little snow. Too...

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Posted at 09:05 AM ET, 01/26/2010

From Saints to would-be sinners: our Fave Five picks this minute...

THE MORNING QUICKIE: From N'awlins to New Jersey, our fave five cartoon-related picks this minute... 5. FAVE POLITICAL CARTOON O' THE DAY: In the wake of the Supreme Court's recent ruling to remove curbs on corporate donations to political...

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