Under God: religion

Posted at 06:15 PM ET, 12/04/2012

Documentary explores commonalities Christianity, Islam and Judaism share

Public television to show 2005 film that spotlights why “ pluralism is critical to human survival.”

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Posted at 02:50 PM ET, 11/30/2012

Holy entertainment or a hot mess in the making: Show on preachers’ wives

Set to debut on Jan. 1, “The Sisterhood” on TLC will follow the lives of five women in Atlanta.

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Zerbe: ‘I think people are misled to think the IRS wakes up every morning wanting to knock on the door of a church or synagogue’

Dean Zerbe, former U.S. Senate consultant on tax fraud and abuse, on accusations that the IRS has not enforced separation rules of church and state.

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Posted at 04:35 PM ET, 11/16/2012

Survey: ‘Obama’s religious coalition resembles the religious composition of younger voters’

Public Religion Research Institute’s post-election American Values Survey on the religious composition of each party’s voters.

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Posted at 02:10 PM ET, 10/27/2012

Farrakhan inspires crowd at Bowie State

Nearly 20 years after the Million Man March, the Nation of Islam leader is still challenging African Americans to take responsibility for their lives.

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Posted at 04:49 PM ET, 10/18/2012

Scholar: Obama’s strategy is to ‘lay low of the religion stuff’

Jacques Berlinerblau, director of the Jewish Civilization Program at Georgetown University, on President Obama’s religious strategy in the election.

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Posted at 04:28 PM ET, 10/15/2012

Colo. bishop to Biden: No Communion

Catholic Bishop Michael Sheridan of the Colorado Springs Diocese on why Biden should refrain from taking Holy Communion, in the wake of statements about abortion he made during the vice-presidential debate against Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan.

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On Faith honored by religion journalists’ association

Web site and editor Elizabeth Tenety placed second for RNA’s online religion section of the year.

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Newsflash: Campaign faith workers think religion doesn’t belong in politics

Advisers tell religion journalists their faith teams are focusing on the economy and related issues.

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Posted at 08:37 PM ET, 10/03/2012

Waiting for God in first debate

Will the men vying to lead the nation share how faith influences their lives, informs their decisions?

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Posted at 04:04 PM ET, 09/26/2012

Madonna about President Obama: ‘Yes, I know Obama is not a Muslim’

Music icon said she was being ironic when she endorsed the president during a D.C. concert.

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In new ad, Romney challenges President Obama’s values

Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney claims in new political ad that President Obama is waging war on religion.

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Posted at 04:43 PM ET, 06/13/2012

Gallup: Obama’s support among Jewish voters slides

QUOTE OF THE DAY: Obama “is running 10 points lower among Jewish registered voters than in 2008.”

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Posted at 07:50 PM ET, 06/06/2012

Scott Walker after win: I want to thank God for his abundant grace

QUOTE OF THE DAY: “I want to thank you for your prayers.”

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Posted at 01:04 PM ET, 06/01/2012

Mitt Romney: I believe in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost

QUOTE OF THE DAY: The Mormon presidential candidate talked about the New Testament and his religious convictions in a Fox News interview.

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Posted at 05:02 PM ET, 05/21/2012

Axelrod: Mormonism ‘not fair game’

“We wish that Gov. Romney would stand up as strongly and as resolutely consistently to refute these kinds of things on his side.”

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Santorum exits; cites campaign ‘miracle’

“We can’t have a strong economy without strong families and a strong moral fiber that makes us the moral enterprise that is America.”

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Posted at 04:35 PM ET, 04/06/2012

‘The Seton Miracles’: Pr. William church weeping statue reports continue to spark interest — but no official inquiry

A petition asks for an investigation into reports from the early 1990s of statues weeping at a Prince William Catholic church. But the Arlington Diocese says no.

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Posted at 03:26 PM ET, 04/05/2012

Wasserman Schultz: Mormon attack accusation ‘nonsense’

Rep. Wasserman Schultz responds to Sen. Hatch’s speculation of potential general-election attacks by liberal on Mitt Romney’s Mormonism.

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Obama: Christ triumphed over doubt

The president spoke at a White House event of overcoming doubts in light of “experiences that shake our faith.”

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Reason Rally on National Mall

Follow On Faith Saturday for live coverage from gathering of atheists at the Capitol.

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Rick Santorum talks finding God in the Senate

“It was a great blessing to me. It changed my life. I feel very grateful that God blessed me with those people in my life that led me on that journey.”

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Pastor introducing Rick Santorum: America a Christian nation

“If you don’t love America and you don’t like the way we do things, I’ve got one thing to say -- Get out! . . . We don’t worship Mohammed. We don’t worship Allah. We worship God. We worship God’s son Jesus Christ.”

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Barbara Johnson’s Buddhist Catholicism

The complicated story of a priest suspended for “intimidating behavior” and a lesbian who identifies with Buddhism and Catholicism continues to unfold.

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Posted at 11:42 AM ET, 03/09/2012

Romney campaign: Only ‘act of God’ can stop nomination

Romney official spoke to reporters about the likelihood of someone other than the former Massachusetts governor getting the GOP’s nomination for president.

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Posted at 12:24 PM ET, 03/02/2012

Ron Paul: I’m ‘pro-life, pro-right to work’

The Texas congressman, in a recent campaign ad, attacked Mitt Romney, Rick Santorum, and Newt Gingrich.

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Posted at 11:57 AM ET, 02/22/2012

Santorum: I’m ‘not going to question’ Obama’s faith

The GOP presidential candidate previously called the President Obama’s worldview “phony theology.”

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Santorum: ‘Contraception should be available’

“I object to [it] when the federal government says that religious organizations who feel the way the Catholic Church feels should be required to provide it.”

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Ron Paul: Birth control debate over whether government can force people to ‘violate their moral codes’

“The benefits or drawbacks of birth control are not the issue,” the Texas Republican and presidential candidate wrote Wednesday.

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Posted at 11:52 AM ET, 02/15/2012

Elie Wiesel: Mormon baptism of Holocaust victims ‘scandalous’

A Mormon church member recently posthumously baptized the parents of Simon Wiesenthal, the late Holocaust survivor and Nazi-hunter.

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Rick Santorum: I was called a ‘theocrat’ for being pro-life

The Faith 2012 Quote of the day is from Rick Santorum,on the criticism he faced in Congress for standing up for his socially conservative beliefs.

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Posted at 06:26 PM ET, 02/01/2012

Atheist student faces town’s wrath over Religious protest

Student feels town’s wrath after objecting to 8-foot prayer on High School’s wall.

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