Comic Riffs: Matt Stone and Trey Parker

Posted at 10:04 PM ET, 05/20/2012

Pakistan’s Twitter shutdown linked to ‘Everybody Draw Muhammad Day’ content

Pakistan shuts down Twitter on Sunday, apparently in response to “Everybody Draw Muhammad Day content

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Posted at 04:08 PM ET, 10/24/2011

Village Voice: Church of Scientology probed ‘South Park’ creators

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Posted at 04:28 PM ET, 04/02/2011

From ‘South Park’ to stage: ‘BOOK OF MORMON’ creators talk about taking Broadway

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Posted at 02:30 PM ET, 10/23/2010

The Riff: From 'SOUTH PARK' to 'POOCH CAFE': When a sense of plagiarism plagues comedy

"Cheating on a quiz show. It's like plagiarizing a comic strip." -- Paul Scofield, portraying Mark Van Doren in the 1994 film "Quiz Show" One of the most challenging things to accomplish as a creator is coming up with...

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Posted at 07:19 PM ET, 07/21/2010

Alleged 'South Park' jihadist blogger arrested in terror case

Zachary Adam Chesser, the 20-year-old Virginia man who earlier this year allegedly posted controversial blog entries about the creators of TV's "South Park," was arrested Wednesday on charges of providing material support to a Somali extremist group linked to...

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Posted at 10:50 AM ET, 05/21/2010

THE RIFF: A day after 'Draw Muhammad,' the political cartoon gets a powerful reminder

The power of the cartoon remains. The ability of a single sketched image to provoke, prompt, incite, summon or inflame -- a virility and virality sometimes questioned in a new-media age -- is intact. Whether deemed to have been...

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Posted at 10:01 AM ET, 05/19/2010

Pakistan blocks Facebook in response to 'Everybody Draw Muhammad Day' pages [UPDATED]

When is a cartoon not "just" a cartoon? Well, perhaps when an entire nation decides to ban its citizens' access to Facebook over a page spawned by an illustration. An illustration that, in turn, was created to support an...

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