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Posted at 10:34 PM ET, 11/25/2013

Life after ‘Family Guy’ death: Petition to bring back major character hits a target 1 day after MacFarlane hits his

Social media wants creator Seth MacFarlane to resuscitate character after Sunday’s death scene.

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Posted at 10:12 AM ET, 07/14/2011

EMMY NOMINATIONS: ‘Robot Chicken’ celebrated, ‘Family Guy’ snubbed

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Posted at 01:15 PM ET, 07/24/2010

COMIC-CON 2010: 'Cleveland Show's' KEVIN MICHAEL RICHARDSON voices his fandom of Macfarlane, McGruder and The Batman

Flip on any kids' channel, check out whatever cartoon is on at that hour, and you're odds are better than good than KEVIN MICHAEL RICHARDSON, voice actor extraordinaire, has done work for that show. Richardson is perhaps best known...

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Posted at 05:45 AM ET, 02/20/2010

VIDEO UPDATE: 'Family Guy' actress makes appeal to Palin

[Note: This Friday post has been updated Saturday with video of the "Family Guy" voice actress.] This week, Comic Riffs asked you whether you sided with ex-guv Sarah Palin or "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane -- or neither -- in...

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Posted at 07:25 AM ET, 02/17/2010

Sarah Palin slams TV's 'Family Guy' for mocking her family [UPDATED]

[Note: This Tuesday-night post was updated Wednesday at 7:25 a.m.] Sarah Palin may contribute to Fox these days, but that doesn't mean others at Fox won't satirize, spoof, mock or parody her -- or her family. Now, though, Palin is...

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