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Posted at 11:35 AM ET, 07/31/2013

‘NOBODY KNOWS YOU’RE A DOG’: As iconic Internet cartoon turns 20, creator Peter Steiner knows the joke rings as relevant as ever

As iconic New Yorker cartoon turns 20, creator Peter Steiner knows the joke rings as relevant as ever.

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Posted at 02:39 PM ET, 11/03/2012

IMAGE OF THE DAY: Adrian Tomine’s inspired Sandy cover for the New Yorker

Check out Adrian Tomine’s inspired post-Hurricane cover for the New Yorker magazine.

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Posted at 12:00 AM ET, 01/07/2012

CHARLES ADDAMS GOOGLE DOODLE: Spooky ‘Addams Family’ logo celebrates macabre cartoonist

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Posted at 06:00 AM ET, 09/10/2011

SPX 2O11: New Yorker’s great ROZ CHAST tells us what she hates

Famed New Yorker cartoonist discusses her new book, “What I Hate: From A to Z.”

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Posted at 07:30 AM ET, 01/11/2011

IMAGE OF THE DAY: New Yorker cover artist sends Spider-Man to the hospital

Barry Blitt had a big assignment and very little time, and that was precisely when his Spidey sense of humor kicked in: What if the webslinger, he mused, was rendered as a Last Traction Hero? "The first thing that...

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Posted at 06:00 PM ET, 11/01/2010

This week in The New Yorker: LEO CULLUM's final cartoon

In the wake of Leo Cullum's passing last week, Comic Riffs noted that the sublime gag cartoonist had seen more than 800 of his works published in The New Yorker -- 819, to be precise. This week, in fitting...

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Posted at 02:00 PM ET, 10/26/2010

In Memoriam: New Yorker cartoonist LEO CULLUM's warm and witty legacy

(courtesy of the New Yorker) There's the stereotype of the gag cartoonist as a somewhat maladjusted shut-in, forever shackled to a drawing board and a deadline, let out only for book tours and comics conventions. Then, as the one-man...

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Posted at 07:30 PM ET, 08/03/2010

VIRAL HUMOR: When Kanye West's tweets meet The New Yorker's cartoons

(Post file images / Associated Press and Bloomberg News) Who knew Kanye West's sudden embrace of Twitter and the longtime pithy humor of The New Yorker's cartoons would make for such a viral marriage? And perhaps the more important...

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