Comic Riffs: Ward Sutton

Posted at 11:59 PM ET, 11/10/2011

THE [WASHINGTON] DC REBOOT: Ward Sutton unmasks the candidates as comic ‘superheroes’

Faster than a speeding ballot? It’s Semi-Superman.

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Posted at 12:46 PM ET, 04/08/2011

VILLAGE VOICE REVERSAL: Responding to criticism, editor will pay Comics Issue artists after all

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Posted at 12:15 AM ET, 04/06/2011

IMAGE OF THE DAY: Ward Sutton’s VILLAGE VOICE mash-up cover [Comics Issue]

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Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 12/13/2010

PARODY OF THE DAY: The story behind 'How WikiLeaks Stole Christmas!'

(used by permission of Ward Sutton / WikiLeaks is such a topical gift to cartoonists this time of year, it's as if the snowy-haired Julian Assange were Santa himself. And our favorite seasonal mash-up thus far is illustrator...

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