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Posted at 12:34 AM ET, 06/07/2012

WATCHING DARWYN COOKE: Writer-artist respects the dissenters — but ‘Before Watchmen’ was too challenging to pass up

Writer-artist Darwyn Cooke respects the dissenters — but believes DC’s ‘Before Watchmen’ was too challenging to pass up.

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Posted at 10:45 PM ET, 02/01/2012

‘BEFORE WATCHMEN’: Should DC Comics be revisiting the epic?

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Posted at 05:03 PM ET, 01/12/2012

MUST-SEE VIDEO: Alan Moore meets the Occupy men and women behind his mask [UPDATED]

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Posted at 09:35 AM ET, 12/05/2011

OCCUPY GALL STREET: ‘V’ is for Vitriol in Alan Moore vs. Frank Miller war of political words

Alan Moore (“V for Vendetta”) and Frank Miller (“Dark Knight Returns”) trade stinging words.

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