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Posted at 11:48 PM ET, 09/24/2012

‘MIKE DU JOUR’ DEBUTS: Mike Lester vows to ‘just be funny’

Atlanta cartoonist Mike Lester vows to ‘just be funny’

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Posted at 02:48 PM ET, 08/30/2011

9/11 TRIBUTE: Comics pages will mark 10th anniversary of Sept. 11 tragedy

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Posted at 09:24 AM ET, 07/15/2010

And the winner of The Post's NEXT GREAT CARTOONIST contest is...

After three months of comic plot twists, the final panel has long last arrived. The Post put out the call in May in search of "America's Next Great Cartoonist," and 500 aspiring comic artists responded. Now that readers, judges...

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Posted at 06:10 AM ET, 03/24/2010

Post comics changes: Of Barney, Clyde & Gene (Weingarten)

A coupla years back, I heard a rumor about my esteemed colleague Gene Weingarten -- whom I would refer to properly as The Post's Pulitzer Prize-Winning Humor Columnist, but I'm apparently legally bound to cut him a royalty check...

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