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Posted at 09:01 PM ET, 08/01/2012

COMICS SYNDICATES: As Universal editor changes titles, Trudeau, Watterson, Johnston, Thompson and Tatulli salute an influential figure

Comics syndicates: As influential Universal editor changes titles, Trudeau, Watterson, Johnston, Thompson and Tatulli salute the the great Lee Salem

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Posted at 07:00 PM ET, 11/21/2011

CARTOON OF THE DAY: ‘Lio’s’ artful Bil Keane tribute

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Posted at 11:00 AM ET, 09/09/2011

9/11 ART: From honor to anger, 10 cartoonists reveal feelings behind Sunday’s funnies to mark anniversary

Cartoonists discuss how they’re marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11 in this Sunday’s “funnies.”

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Posted at 10:30 AM ET, 11/15/2010

BEHIND THE SCENES: See 'Cul de Sac,' 'Pearls,' 'Lio' cartoonists offer peeks behind the creative curtain

RingTales co-founder Michael Fry recently told Comic Riffs that his animation studio would soon feature behind-the-scenes interviews with such cartoonists as Stephan Pastis ("Pearls Before Swine"), Richard Thompson ("Cul de Sac"), Mark Tatulli ("Lio") and Paul Gilligan ("Pooch Cafe"),...

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Posted at 12:05 PM ET, 08/11/2010

The 'Riffs Interview: Being Bill Watterson -- 'LIO' creator MARK TATULLI shares the secrets of spoofing 'Calvin & Hobbes'

(Images courtesy of Universal Press Syndicate & Mike Lynch Cartoons) Will the real bespectacled, besweatered Bill Watterson please stand up? Because a fellow Universal Press Syndicate creator, it seems, is cribbing your look. Numerous cartoonists have been accused over...

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Posted at 07:15 PM ET, 06/09/2010

PARODY VIDEO: When famous cartoonists get hold of a camera

Ever wonder what nationally syndicated cartoonists do when not playing golf, cruising the Mediterranean or hitting drives off of a yacht while sipping extra-dry martinis and cruising oh-so-casually toward the Aegean? Some of them, it turns out, channel their...

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