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Posted at 11:37 PM ET, 06/23/2013

NEIL GAIMAN’s FAREWELL SIGNING TOUR: In D.C., it’s ‘The Emotion at the End of the Line’

At GWU’s Lisner, the bestselling author signed for about four hours --and his fans didn’t mind the wait.

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Posted at 12:01 AM ET, 06/18/2013

CAVNA’S CANVAS: Neil Gaiman’s transporting gift for the magical power of ‘place’ [+ANIMATED VIDEO]

CAVNA’S CANVAS: The cinematic eye of Neil Gaiman & the magical power of ‘place’ [+ Animated Video]

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Posted at 12:00 AM ET, 09/28/2012

LITERATI, TWITTERATI: Neil Gaiman arrives for tonight’s Mason Award at full creative gallop

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Posted at 09:15 PM ET, 07/20/2012

AURORA TRAGEDY: Christopher Nolan, comics community react to ‘Dark Knight Rises’ theater shooting

Aurora tragedy: Nolan, comics community reacts to the ‘Dark Knight Rises’ theater shooting.

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Posted at 12:09 AM ET, 05/25/2012

SKETCHBOOK QUOTE OF THE MONTH: Neil Gaiman’s compelling and wise advice to artists

Neil Gaiman’s advice to artists, as told through these sketchbook illustrations: The 14 Faces of Gaiman.

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Posted at 09:50 PM ET, 05/24/2012

THE CLASSIEST OF 2012: Neil Gaiman and Mike Peters talk about wowing the commencement crowd

The Classiest of 2012: Neil Gaiman and Mike Peters deliver two of the season’s most inspiring commencement speeches — perhaps bolstering the graduation lectern market for creators of comics.

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Posted at 10:20 PM ET, 01/30/2012

LONG ‘SPAWN’ DISPUTE SETTLED: Neil Gaiman says case is good for creators, ‘incredibly good’ for copyright

For the better part of a decade, “Spawn” creator Todd McFarlane fought in court with fellow fantasy-publishing titan Neil Gaiman. Caught in the middle were their spawn: A handful of characters Gaiman worked on while teaming with McFarlane.

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Posted at 01:00 PM ET, 12/28/2011

STAN LEE’s BIRTHDAY TODAY: As the ‘Spider-Man’ co-creator turns 89, here are our 20 Favorite Quotes from the Marvel mastermind

As the “Spider-Man” and “X-Men” co-creator turns 89 Wednesday, here are our 20 Favorite Quotes that Lee has shared with Comic Riffs in recent years.

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Posted at 02:10 PM ET, 12/15/2011

JOE SIMON, RIP: Remembering the legendary ‘Captain America’ co-creator, who has died at 98

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Posted at 11:36 PM ET, 10/24/2011

DC vs. BARNES & NOBLE SHOWDOWN: O Creator, Where Art Thou?

Comic authors stuck in the crossfire of the DC Entertainment and Barnes & Noble tablet standoff.

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Posted at 04:15 PM ET, 10/07/2011

LINKS OF THE WEEK: From ‘xkcd’s’ inspired Jobs tribute to Neil Gaiman art

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Posted at 08:32 AM ET, 06/23/2011

QUICK SKETCH: The Neil Gaiman cartoon

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Posted at 10:52 AM ET, 06/13/2011

MONDAY MORNING ROUNDUP: Of the Tonys, Reubens, Comic-Con and Neil Gaiman himself

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Posted at 02:30 PM ET, 10/11/2010

'Superheroes': Turning 97 today, JOE SIMON reflects on his legacy with JACK KIRBY (*As do STAN LEE and NEIL GAIMAN)

(Courtesy of Titan Books) Besides our boyhood fandom of Batman and our adulthood appreciation of Henry Selick, comics god Neil Gaiman and Comic Riffs humbly share at least one other cartoon-land trait: our mutual regret over our not meeting...

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Posted at 03:01 PM ET, 08/17/2010

THE UNEXPENDABLES: Five picks for your Summer Reading List

Perhaps there's something notably nostalgic in the summer air -- what with Sylvester Stallone and crew rolling back the decades at the box office -- because as I pore over my August reading list, I find myself drawn to...

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Posted at 01:15 PM ET, 08/14/2010

TOP VIDEOS OF THE WEEK: 'Scott Pilgrim,' 'Avengers' & Neil Gaiman

The "Scott Pilgrim vs. the World" onslaught continues, even if the film is thus far faring poorly at the box office. Even Stan Lee tells Comic Riffs that he personally approves this would-be vintage "Avengers" premake, by self-admitted geek...

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Posted at 06:20 AM ET, 07/13/2010

A PEKAR TRIBUTE: Collaborators & colleagues remember 'sweet, curmudgeonly' Harvey

ED. NOTE: This collection of memories has been updated since it first was published Monday evening. There was much Pekar love in the comics community. Beyond the curmudgeonly persona and larger-than-life onscreen personality, Pekar represented an iconoclast who pioneered...

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Posted at 11:05 AM ET, 04/15/2010

Who's 'Most Influential'? PENNY ARCADE & NEIL GAIMAN want your vote by tonight

Lady Gaga and Conan O'Brien, Robert Pattinson and Rain are above them. But even more "impressive," perhaps, are the folks currently ranked below the guys from "Penny Arcade." Tycho and Gabe now sit at the No. 14 spot on...

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Posted at 08:30 AM ET, 04/03/2010

5 HOT LINKS: Of Marvel's iPad app & Neal Adams's new Batman

Catching up to five of our fave links of the week... 1. "APP-TAIN AMERICA": On the cusp of lines snaking around Apple stores on Saturday -- in search of the (allegedly) mighty mighty iPad -- Marvel Comics drops news...

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Posted at 11:10 AM ET, 03/05/2010

OSCARS 2010: Best Animated Film: 'And the winner is...'

NOTE: Some weeks back, we handicapped the animation nominees for the Golden Globes. Today, we update our picks for the Academy Awards... tweetmeme_style = 'compact'; Foxes and frogs, 2-D wolf-girls and 3-D robo-dogs. The Oscars race for feature film...

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Posted at 01:30 PM ET, 01/06/2010

Awards season: Handicapping the Best Animated Films of 2009

The Producers Guild of America, that somewhat vague trade-org cluster of TV, film and new-media producers in Hollywood, on Tuesday did what it -- as a cast of thousands -- perhaps does best: Act as a trusty bellwether for...

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